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Nov 15, 2023

Revolutionize Your Content Creation with Gigasheet's ChatGPT Enrichments

Gigasheet's latest feature, ChatGPT Enrichment, is a groundbreaking tool for automated content generation at a massive scale that doesn’t require any advanced technical training. While you might be familiar with Gigasheet's Sheet Assistant AI Co-pilot for data analysis, today, we're exploring a different realm - enrichments that transform how you interact with your data.

You likely already use AI for content creation, and if not, you should stop reading this post and go try it out! Tools like OpenAI's Chat GPT can help draft blog posts, emails, signs, or whatever you require. Even if you don't use the AI copy word for word, it's a great way to get started and then you can spend your time editing vs staring at a blank screen.

But what if you need to create thousands of very personalized posts? Even if you use AI, nobody wants to feed it prompts one-by-one. Surely there is a way to do an old-fashioned mail merge into AI and save the results in a spreadsheet.

In this blog we are going to show you exactly how to do that using Gigasheet, the online big data spreadsheet that makes bulk AI content a breeze, using data enrichment.

AI Content Creation at Scale

Imagine having a vast list of leads you need to contact via email. Like really big. Like too big for Excel big. Crashing Google Sheets big.

On top of all of that - The list is incomplete - missing names, key details, and the differentiation between warm and cold leads. Here's where Gigasheet's innovative capabilities come into play.

With Gigasheet, you can focus on the most valuable leads and maximize your enrichment credits. Easily filtering your list to target only leads that meet specific criteria. For example, you might want to focus on only those contacts where you have a first name, or on companies that have a presence on LinkedIn. Once you’ve filtered your list and performed some basic data hygiene, you’re ready to put ChatGPT to work.

Gigasheet's integration with OpenAI's GPT allows you to creatively craft email outreach using AI. You can use variables from any column in your dataset - like first names and email addresses - and even instruct the AI to guess names based on email formats. Adjusting the creativity level is a breeze with the temperature setting, enabling you to tailor your messages precisely.

AI Content Creation using Gigasheet's prompt building

After crafting and refining your prompt, a single click lets you run the enrichment automatically for every row in your sheet. While the speed of generation depends on factors like the OpenAI API’s responsiveness and the volume of requests, Gigasheet efficiently handles the heavy lifting. In this video we wrote over 150,000 personalized emails crafted, showcasing the tool's robust capability.

This video walks through the process of using ChatGPT to write150,000 emails:

The prompt used in the video is below. Values in the {brackets} are merged into the prompt from the spreadsheet.

Imagine you work in marketing at Gigasheet and are reaching out to this user with first name: {first name} and email address {email address}. If the first name is blank, try to guess the user's first name from their email address. Write a 1 sentence intro for outreach, be sure to include their {Company Name}

Gigasheet will run the prompt for every row in your spreadsheet, adding the results into a column:

AI created content added to Gigasheet

Data can be downloaded from Gigasheet and uploaded into your email marketing tool, or whatever channel you need to take action on newly created content.

Beyond Email Outreach:

The potential applications of Gigasheet's ChatGPT Enrichments extend far beyond email outreach. Think about auto-generating industry-specific responses, tailored product descriptions, or even creative content for landing pages. The possibilities are endless, offering tailored solutions for a variety of business needs.

Gigasheet's ChatGPT Enrichments feature marks a significant leap in data management and automated content creation. By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can now manage large datasets and generate personalized content at an unprecedented scale and speed. Dive into the world of AI-powered capabilities with Gigasheet and transform how you interact with your data.

Ready to revolutionize your content creation process? Explore Gigasheet's ChatGPT Enrichments and unleash the potential of AI in your data management strategy. Watch our detailed video demonstration and get started with Gigasheet today!

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