Data delivery & Distribution

Delivery Solutions
for Data Providers

Delight customers with self-service access to your data assets, without the hassle of maintaining a portal.
Streamlined Data Distribution: Eliminate the need to build and maintain a complex data portal. Gigasheet's turnkey solution allows your customers to easily explore, query, and export data, freeing up your development resources for other critical tasks.

Empower Customer Self-Service:
Provide a seamless self-service experience for your customers. With Gigasheet, they can independently access and customize data slices or segments on-demand, enhancing their ability to derive valuable insights without needing technical expertise.

Flexible Integration Options: Whether you want to embed Gigasheet’s intuitive interface into your existing portal or use it as a standalone application, our solution adapts to your needs, offering flexibility and ease of use to ensure your customers have the best possible data interaction experience.
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Intuitive Customer Interface

Our interface offers a spreadsheet-like experience, making it straightforward for users to start using it with minimal need for additional onboarding or training. This ensures a seamless experience for your customers, allowing them to access and utilize the data they need quickly and effortlessly. The Gigasheet UI is designed to be easy to navigate, making data selection and manipulation straightforward for users at all technical levels. Best of all, it scales to 1 billion rows!
Managed Big Data Distribution Solutions
Gigasheet UI highlighting easy to use Save as New Sheet tool

Data Distribution
Made Easy

Our managed solution makes it easy to load data from flat files, JSON, or connect to popular databases and data warehouses. In addition, a fully featured API allows you to automate data distribution and delivery, ensuring that your assets are always up-to-date.

Pricing is straightforward: pay on per customer basis based on the volume of data hosted. No commissions, revenue sharing or listing fees.

Connect Gigasheet To Your Data Store

Gigasheet Enterprise integrates with cloud databases and warehouses to integrate seamlessly for streamlined data delivery.

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Embedded Gigasheet

Delivering data to your customers has never been easier with Gigasheet’s embedded solution. Easily add the Gigasheet experience to your portal or web application for seamless data delivery at massive scale.
Gigasheet Groups UI offers users the ability to quickly subdivide data into segments

"This saved me $60K per month."

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