product features

Enrichment from Any Data Provider, At Any Scale

Get 10,000 enrichment request credits when you sign up, free.

Templates for popular data providers

Easily fetch data for every row of data in your sheet. Enrich thousands of leads, clean CRM data, or target prospects with just a few clicks.

  • Free enrichments for bulk GEO IP lookup, email address format validation, address matching
  • Fetch data from popular data providers including Apollo, Hunter, People Data Labs and more
Enrich data from customer intelligence providers
Fetch Data From HTTP Enrichment with cURL

Custom HTTP Requests

Fetch data from any API without code using Custom Enrichments. Simply build your cURL request and Gigasheet will loop over every row in your sheet. Best of all it works on data sets with thousands, or even millions of rows.

Free Enrichments Built-in

Email Address Verification‍

Format, Domain, Traffic Rank, Org/Free/Disposable

IP - geoip lookup

Country, City, County, Lat/Long, ASN, GEOHASH


12+ Leading threat intelligence feeds

Even More Data Enrichments

Fetch data from any provider. Use enrichments to find your ideal customers, enrich leads, or cleanse data for your CRM.

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