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How to Enrich a Spreadsheet of Millions of People with Apollo API People Enrichment
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Use Apollo API People Enrichment to Look Up Millions of Records in a Contact List

Apollo helps you find and target your ideal buyers with the world's largest, most accurate B2B database. Apollo’s CSV enrichment tools are great, but what do you do when you need to enrich more than 10,000 contacts? With Gigasheet’s Custom Enrichment, you can use the Apollo API without writing any code to enrich millions of contacts. In this example we’ll be using the People Enrichment endpoint to enhance a list of individuals with all available data.

Apollo API People Enrichment Docs

Provider Website:
Provider Enrichment Docs:
Token / Registration Required: Yes

How To Enrich A Spreadsheet Using the Apollo API People Enrichment

You can pass Apollo any details you have about a contact, but in this example we’ll keep it simple and just use a name and company. However, the more information you pass in, the more likely the Apollo API will find a match!

Apollo API Sample File

Step 1. In Gigasheet, head to the Enrichments function and select Custom Enrichment.First we paste in the cURL request from the Apollo docs. Be sure your request starts with curl. In this example we’ll pass in only an email address. Be sure to replace "YOUR API KEY HERE" with your token from the Apollo portal ( 

Paste the apollo api request into Gigasheet

Step 2. On the next screen we’ll customize the request. The first step is to delete the variables that we will not be using because they aren't in our sheet. For example, delete "email", "email_md5", and "domain". Next, we want to insert the column variable from our Gigasheet sheet for all the values that we do have. In this case, we highlight the name "Tim" text in the input, and then select our First Name column and click +Insert. Repeat this process, replacing "Zheng" with Last Name and "organization_name" with the Organization column. Lastly, replace "YOUR API KEY HERE" with your Apollo API key. The customized request is now ready to execute.

customize the apollo api request based on your sheet
the customized apollo api request

Step 3. In this screen we see a preview of the results. Gigasheet makes requests for the first three rows and shows the Apollo response. At this point select the fields you want to be inserted into your sheet.

preview of response from apollo api

Step 4. Finally, confirm the number of requests is to your liking, and when ready click Run to kickoff the custom enrichment process. It’s ok to leave or close the sheet; the custom enrichment will keep running and you’ll receive an email once the job has been completed. You can monitor the progress of your enrichment, or cancel the job at the top of the sheet. 

confirm execution of the apollo api

Step 5. Once completed, Gigasheet will enrich your sheet with new columns using the selected data from the Apollo API People Enrichment response. We'll see our sheet now has data from Apollo API.

Gigasheet sheet with apollo api data
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