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Find Email Addresses & Phone Numbers From LinkedIn

Gigasheet's RevenueBase sales intelligence enrichment is a targeted feature designed for professionals seeking to leverage LinkedIn data for comprehensive lead generation and sales prospecting, marketing activities, or CRM data curation. Simply upload a sheet with a column containing LinkedIn URLs, and browse to the RevenueBase enrichment. Watch as the tool goes to work, pulling in a wealth of valuable data associated with that LinkedIn profile. This data can include essential contact information such as the individual's name, phone number, and email address, alongside professional details like their title, company, and more.

Add the above data points to lists of email LinkedIn URLs
Gigasheet enrichments are based on a credit system, where each contact enriched consumes 1 credit. Sign up today to get 1,000 credits free. Premium subscribers receive 10,000 credits per month and add-on credit bundles are available at unmatched prices: 8x-10x less than market rates.

The process is streamlined to enhance sales and marketing efforts, allowing users to quickly build out or enrich their contact lists with detailed, actionable information. This capability is especially useful for sales teams looking to pinpoint decision-makers within specific companies or industries, as well as for marketers aiming to tailor their outreach with a personalized touch.

LinkedIn Sales Intelligence

By integrating the RevenueBase data enrichment, Gigasheet users can significantly reduce the time and effort typically required for lead qualification and contact information gathering, and CRM cleanup. This feature not only simplifies the lead generation process but also increases the accuracy and completeness of the data collected, enabling more effective and targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

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Provider Website: https://revenuebase.ai/
Provider Enrichment Docs: https://revenuebase.ai/contact-data/
Token / Registration Required: No

How To Find Email Address, Phone Numbers, Employer and More From LinkedIn URLs

With this enrichment, you can pass RevenueBase a list of LinkedIn URLs and get back rich context on each contact including email, name, location, profile information, phone and much more.

Step 1. First, upload your spreadsheet, Excel file, JSON, or CSV to Gigasheet. After opening your sheet click the Enrichments button.

Step 2. Next select the RevenueBase Email enrichment service.

Step 3. Next, select the column from your sheet that contains the LinkedIn URLs. Gigasheet will enrich each contact and add additional columns to your sheet with context from RevenueBase. The new columns appear in light blue and contain data for each URL including email, email status (valid or invalid) as well as cell phone number (if available), location data, first and last name, and information from the contact's LinkedIn including their employer and much more.

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