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ScraperAPI is the easiest spreadsheet web scraper to fetch data from websites, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon and more.
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No-Code Web Scraper with ScaperAPI

ScraperAPI is a tool designed to simplify the complex task of web scraping. Its primary value lies in its ability to manage proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, enabling anyone to retrieve data from websites without dealing with the typical challenges associated with web scraping. They offer an API endpoint for scraping websites, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon and more...but with Gigasheet you don't need to know a lick of code.

ScraperAPI handles the heavy lifting of rotating IP addresses and parsing HTML, JavaScript-heavy sites, making it seamless for users to extract web data at scale. This is particularly beneficial for businesses and developers who need to collect data from multiple websites efficiently, without the risk of being blocked or having to manage the intricacies of web scraping infrastructure themselves.

Two ways to use ScraperAPI for no-code web scraping in Gigasheet:

  1. Scraping Google Search Scraping Ever wanted to get data from Google search results page and transform it into usable information in a spreadsheet? Head to Enrichments and search for ScaperAPI, our no-code web scraper. Next add your ScraperAPI key (you can get a free trial key here) and select a column with the data values you want to search on Google. Run the enrichment and watch as results are scraped and appear as a new column in your sheet.
  2. Custom Web Scraping Simply head to the ScraperAPI documentation and copy the cURL request for the method you'd like to use for your scraping. In Gigasheet, in the Enrichments dialog, search for the custom enrichment (Build Your Own). Next you'll paste the cURL request in, along with your API key, and insert the column references to the sites you'd like to scrape.

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