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Use Hunter Email Verifier API to Verify Emails In A Spreadsheet
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Use Hunter.io To Verify Emails

Hunter.io is a leader in the email verification space, and when you pair their Email Verifier API with Gigasheet’s no-code functionality, you can verify massive address lists - from a few hundred to millions of rows of data. The Email Verifier API requires an email address as an input and returns the result of the verification, indicating whether an email address is deliverable or not. Additionally, it includes optional detailed validations as well as a confidence score.

Provider Website: https://hunter.io
Provider Enrichment Docs:
Token / Registration Required:

Step-by-Step: Enrich A Spreadsheet With Hunter Email Verifier API

Step 1. First, upload your spreadsheet, Excel file, or CSV to Gigasheet. After opening your sheet click the Enrichments button.

Hunter.io email verification

Step 2. Next select the Hunter.io Email Verifier template.

Hunter.io Email Verifier
Select Hunter.io Email Verifier

Step 3. Next, enter your Hunter.io API key, and select the column from your sheet that contains email addresses. In this example, the column is named "email_column."

Step 4. Next click Test and Gigasheet will make requests for the first three rows and shows the Hunter.io API response. Select the fields, or attributes you want to be inserted into your sheet as new columns.

Hunter.io API Response

Step 5. Once completed, Gigasheet will enrich your sheet with new columns using the selected data from the Hunter.io Email Verifier API response

New columns containing data from the hunter.io email verifier

The new columns contain data for each email address such as results, which indicate if an email is deliverable or risky. We can now run our email programs accordingly, thanks to Gigasheet and Hunter.io.

Result and score from the hunter.io email verifier
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