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Use ChatGTP APIs To Generate Custom Text In A Spreadsheet

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a game changer for content generation, but if you want to use its capabilities at large scale, then you really need to leverage their API. Gigasheet’s Custom Enrichment functionality helps you generate millions of customized GTP responses without writing a line of code. Use it to generate custom emails, subject lines, product descriptions and more. In this example we’ll use the text completion endpoint. The GTP-3 API requires a prompt as an input, and you can add column references to tailor the prompt for each row in your sheet. The OpenAI API will respond with text of your specified token length. Check out the steps below to see how it works.

Provider Website:
Provider Enrichment Docs:
Token / Registration Required: Yes

How To Enrich A Spreadsheet With GTP-3 (or 4)

Check out this video, or walkthrough the detailed steps below.

For the detailed example below, my data looks like this:

Screenshot of data in Gigasheet

Step 1. In Gigasheet, head to the Enrichments function and select Custom Enrichment. First we paste in the HTTP request from the OpenAI Playground (click View Code) or their docs. Be sure your request starts with curl. Be sure to replace "$OPENAI_API_KEY" with your token from the OpenAI portal (

Screenshot of OpenAI cURL request in Custom Enrichments tool

Step 2. On the next screen we’ll insert the column variable from our Gigasheet sheet for the prompt. In this case, we highlight the SAMPLE PRODUCT text in the input, and then select our Product Name column and click +Insert Column Reference. Then click Next.

Screenshot of OpenAI cURL request being edited in Custom Enrichment tool

Step 3. In this screen we see a preview of the results. Gigasheet makes requests for the first three rows and shows the GTP-3 response. At this point select the fields you want to be inserted into your sheet. I’ve selected the text returned from the prompt. 

Screenshot of available fields to import from OpenAI API using Custom Enrichment tool

Step 4. Finally, confirm the number of requests is to your liking, and when ready click Run to kickoff the custom enrichment process. It’s ok to leave or close the sheet; the custom enrichment will keep running and you’ll receive an email once the job has been completed. You can monitor the progress of your enrichment, or cancel the job at the top of the sheet. 

Screenshot of verification to run Custom Enrichments

Here’s an example of the results:

Screenshot of updated data in Gigasheet after OpenAI data import has completed

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