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Jul 18, 2023

Introducing Gigasheet Teams

It’s not hard to generate a really big file these days! If you are exporting data from your CRM, web analytics, or billing system and trying to work with these files in tandem, then you are likely pushing the limits of Excel or Google Sheets. This can be manageable if there is only one person doing this type of work, but it’s still risky because your company is relying on an ad hoc data product that lives with one individual.

What you really need is an easy way to collaborate with your company on big data files! What you really need is Gigasheet Teams! With Gigasheet’s all new Teams Edition, you can quickly share large or complex data with members of your organization, preventing data silos, and allowing everyone to share in the exploration and analysis of big data. Get your team started today!

Introducing Gigasheet Teams Edition

Big Data is Hard to Share

No one person should operate as a silo in an organization. Data analysis should be public so that others can search for hidden gems within the data, or catch the seldom human error. Unfortunately, delivering big files can be troublesome.

If you are analyzing a large file, you are probably opting to work on it locally vs in the cloud. Your first inclination to share the data is going to be via email, but this likely will be caught by the 20 to 25 MB file limit of most email providers.

team collaboration on big files is difficult using Outlook
team collaboration on big files is difficult using GMail

You then need to upload it to a shared drive, and then the recipient can receive a link to the analysis. However, in order to open it, they will likely want to download it first and open a copy locally. 

The key word there is copy! They no longer have the original file and once they have made changes, the two are no longer in sync. You aren’t really collaborating at that point as much as sharing offline versions of work.

Team Collaboration Made Easy

Of course, Gigasheet improves that process by allowing online team collaboration on files up to a billion rows. Sharing in Gigasheet is as easy as marking a sheet Public, which is visible to the world via link or by embedding into a webpage.

Public team collaboration using Gigasheet

Or sharing can be accomplished by marking a file Restricted, which requires that I individually invite others and grant editing permissions if desired.

Restricted team collaboration using Gigasheet

This works great, but do you know what gets old? Inviting the same people to the same files over and over again! Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just instantly share a file with your whole team?

Gigasheet Teams introduces that capability, allowing for quick collaboration within an organization. Simply select the Team option and only members of your team can view the sheet. Actual collaboration on big data, not just file sharing, has never been so easy!

Team collaboration using Gigasheet Teams

Build The Team You Need

Data projects rarely happen within the bounds of a department. Let us know who to include and we will create the right team for your task.

Need someone from accounting, product, sales, and marketing? Works for us. We can even accommodate external email addresses to let in that over-paid consultant that management keeps rehiring. Just let us know!

Data Governance & Uncompromising Security

At an organization, all intellectual property created on the company belongs to the company. Gigasheet Teams allows you to scale this policy across each team member’s accounts, without stifling big data collaboration. 

Gigasheet maintains strict confidentiality and security practices, including SOC 2 compliance and we don't sell or share your data with third parties. Your Gigasheet Teams data belongs solely to your organization.

Start Collaborating Today

We are so excited about Gigasheet Teams, that we are launching it with pricing to encourage you to get your company on board. Basically, sign up 5 users for the price of 2 users and get collaborating. 

It’s as easy as reaching out to our support team! Contact us now to get started.

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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