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NOAA Weather Data 2023 - All Stations, by Country

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This spreadsheet contains all daily and station elements found in GHCN daily for the given year. Files are updated daily for the entire period of record. The following information serves as a definition of each field in one line of data covering one station-day. Each field described below is separated by a comma ( , ) and follows the order below: ID = 11 character station identification code YEAR/MONTH/DAY = 8 character date in YYYYMMDD format (e.g. 19860529 = May 29, 1986) ELEMENT = 4 character indicator of element type DATA VALUE = 5 character data value for ELEMENT M-FLAG = 1 character Measurement Flag Q-FLAG = 1 character Quality Flag S-FLAG = 1 character Source Flag OBS-TIME = 4-character time of observation in hour-minute format (i.e. 0700 =7:00 am) See section III of the GHCN-Daily readme.txt file ( for an explanation of ELEMENT codes and their units as well as the M-FLAG, Q-FLAG and S-FLAG. The OBS-TIME field is populated with the observation times contained in NOAA/NCEI's HOMR station history database.

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