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Infosec Salary and Compensation

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Open data on cybersecurity jobs and associated earnings and compensation. work_year The year the salary was paid. experience_level The experience level in the job during the year with the following possible values: EN Entry-level / Junior MI Mid-level / Intermediate SE Senior-level / Expert EX Executive-level / Director employment_type The type of employement for the role: PT Part-time FT Full-time CT Contract FL Freelance job_title The role worked in during the year. salary The total gross salary amount paid. salary_currency The currency of the salary paid as an ISO 4217 currency code. salary_in_usd The salary in USD (FX rate divided by avg. USD rate of respective year) via statistical data from the BIS and central banks. employee_residence Employee's primary country of residence in during the work year as an ISO 3166 country code. remote_ratio The overall amount of work done remotely, possible values are as follows: 0 No remote work (less than 20%) 50 Partially remote/hybird 100 Fully remote (more than 80%) company_location The country of the employer's main office or contracting branch as an ISO 3166 country code. company_size The average number of people that worked for the company during the year: S less than 50 employees (small) M 50 to 250 employees (medium) L more than 250 employees (large)

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