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Feb 28, 2024

Streamline B2B Sales Intelligence Enrichment with Gigasheet and RevenueBase

I'm excited to share our latest development for B2B sales intelligence — we’ve launched a strategic partnership between Gigasheet and RevenueBase. This collaboration is a significant step forward in simplifying and streamlining sales and marketing efforts for professionals around the globe who want an easier way to clean, verify, and enrich contacts, curate CRM data, and prepare lists for outbound campaigns.

Easier Sales Intelligence Data Enrichment with Over 25 RevenueBase Data Points

The integration of RevenueBase's extensive global database, featuring over 110 million business contact profiles and 2.5 million organizations, with Gigasheet's intuitive big data spreadsheet, marks a new chapter in sales intelligence enrichments.

Users can now effortlessly add more than 25 data points to their leads with detailed, market-specific insights, transforming data from various sources into actionable datasets. Simply upload a file (CSV, XLS, JSON, TXT) containing hundreds, thousands, or even millions of email addresses or LinkedIn URLs and select RevenueBase from the Enrichments menu to fetch sales intelligence for each row.

"This collaboration brings together the best of both worlds: RevenueBase's robust B2B data quality strengthens Gigasheet's already impressive speed, cost-efficiency, and reliability. Together, we're creating a game-changer for B2B data enrichment, particularly for users on platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce," said Mark Feldman, Co-founder and CEO of RevenueBase.

Gigasheet’s RevenueBase enrichment adds the following data points to lists of email addresses or LinkedIn URLs:

  • Cell Phone Number
  • First Name
  • Job Location Country Region
  • City
  • Last Name
  • Job Org Linkedin Url
  • Country Code
  • Job Count
  • Job Start Date
  • Country Region
  • Job Function
  • Job Title
  • Email Address
  • Job Is Current
  • Linkedin Connections Count
  • Email Domain
  • Job Level
  • Linkedin Headline
  • Email Status (Valid / Invalid)
  • Job Location City
  • Linkedin Industry
  • About Me (LinkedIn)
  • Job Location Country Code
  • Linkedin Url

Looking for Company Enrichment?

Data Wrangling for Sales and Marketing Teams

Our partnership with RevenueBase is centered on making complex data simple and actionable. Gigasheet's platform handles data on a massive scale with an intuitive, no-code interface, which is ideally suited for sales and marketing teams (no data engineering required).

Typically, enrichment of thousands or millions of data points requires custom coding and/or managing data warehouses; with Gigasheet, it’s as easy as using a spreadsheet. Unlike traditional spreadsheets, like Excel which have row limits, Gigasheet scales to 1 billion rows per sheet. This partnership ensures that anyone with basic spreadsheet skills can easily enrich huge datasets, allowing teams to focus on meaningful engagement without the data complexity that’s traditionally involved.

Sign up for a free account and receive 1,000 enrichment credits

While other solutions such as Clearbit or ZoomInfo charge a heavy premium, Gigasheet and RevenueBase's partnership offers a cost-effective solution to Sales Intelligence, from 8x-10x more cost effective than alternatives. In fact, you can try it for free just by signing up with Gigasheet.

Plus, you are only charged a credit when a match is found!



1,000 credits/mo


$95/mo ($79/mo annual)

10,000 credits/mo (120k up front with annual)

See the RevenueBase Email enrichment in action!

sales intelligence using Gigasheet and RevenueBase

The Importance of Accurate Sales Intelligence

Dealing with outdated, incomplete, or irrelevant contact data is a struggle any sales and marketing team is all too familiar with. It's a hurdle that leads to inefficient outreach and lost opportunities. However, by streamlining the process of data aggregation and enrichment, we’re not just saving time; we’re making data better.

And better, more reliable data means that we can focus on the stuff that really matters. By providing sales intelligence that lets us finally focus on valuable relationships with real opportunity, we can focus on the one thing that really matters—driving growth and success.

The challenge of dealing with outdated, incomplete, or irrelevant contact data is all too familiar for sales and marketing teams. Such challenges lead to inefficient outreach and lost opportunities. By streamlining the process of data aggregation and enrichment, we're not just saving time; we're also improving the reliability of the data. This enhanced sales intelligence allows teams to concentrate on fostering valuable relationships with the right customers, driving growth and success.

"This integration will transform the way we handle staffing and recruiting at Abel Personnel.  It will create tremendous efficiencies in recruiting, enabling our recruiters to get to the right candidates much more quickly and focus on what they do best. The ability to easily work with and enhance large datasets enables us to rapidly make connections between talent and opportunity. Gigasheet's RevenueBase enrichment is enabling us to deliver unmatched service and outcomes to our clients." - Debby Abel, CEO, Abel Personnel

RevenueBase: Enhancing the Quality of B2B Data

RevenueBase distinguishes itself by providing high-quality, targeted company and contact information, aimed at boosting revenue growth. Its services are designed with the needs of sales and marketing teams in mind, offering tools for market sizing, data management, and accessing pre-intent data to make prospect research more effective. Most importantly, their data is updated every month ensuring that you will have accurate context.

Getting Started with Enhanced Sales Intelligence

This integration is part of Gigasheet's Enrichments capability and RevenueBase is Keyless Entry provider– meaning you get access to powerful data enrichment without the need for an additional license key. Start with a free Gigasheet account, and you will get 1,000 monthly credits, or opt for Gigasheet Premium and/or add-on credits for expanded capabilities - and we believe we have possibly the most cost-effective pricing in the market. In addition, Gigasheet offers Business edition subscribers solutions to automate enrichment, data transformation, preparation, and clean-up.

What’s Next?

Our partnership with RevenueBase is not just about data integration; it's about making it easier for sales and marketing teams to manage data and add sales intelligence. In the coming weeks Gigasheet will be releasing additional enrichment endpoints together with RevenueBase. Future enrichment will include intelligence on startup funding, company technology utilization, role counts by function, and job openings. We’re working to remove headaches and make it easier for revenue focused teams to achieve their goals in today's competitive landscape.

To discover how this collaboration can benefit your sales and marketing strategies, try it for yourself today.

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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