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Jun 15, 2022

Introducing the Data Community

It took nearly 50 years after the invention of canned food to invent the can opener. For nearly 50 years, humans were able to carry around preserved, unspoiled food. But to access it, they had to use special tools to pry open the cans; it was a tedious and manual process to get to the food inside. We had figured out how to distribute this object, but had not given normal consumers an easy way to access the content within.

Today we’re launching the Gigasheet Data Community. Across the web, we see giant datasets being hosted for distribution and analysis. Actually using those giant datasets, though, remains a tedious and manual process, requiring too many special tools. Far too large to open in tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets; opening these datasets requires reading the complex documentation of enterprise software, or learning a coding language, or installing a stack of applications. In a world where time and energy are in short supply, it’s no wonder that the huge majority of these huge datasets go unexplored by non-engineers.

Explore the Data Community

Our Purpose

The Gigasheet Data Community aims to host these giant public datasets for analysis. Using Gigasheet, everyone will be able to interact with this data in a familiar, rows-and-columns interface. Now you can filter, group, and search fascinating datasets without needing custom software or  training.

The Data

In the Data Community, datasets are simply available in the application for anyone who wants to analyze them. And the datasets we’re launching with are pretty great!

Sword and Helmet
Elden Ring

People are obsessed with this fantasy RPG. Here’s an easy reference of all the items in the game. Find out which weapon is heaviest, which does the most damage, how many types there are, and so on.  

Bigfoot sightings

We all know Sasquatch is a warm and affectionate creature, who by hiding primarily in the US Pacific Northwest is just trying to stay safe. But there are things we can learn. What season do people most see this majestic part-ape/part-human? What year saw the peak of his appearances?    

Statue with Bitcoin Glasses
Crypto prices

You like roller coasters? Here’s a roller coaster. What coins are rising and falling fastest?

And so many more! How many movies have the word bacon in its title? When was the best time to order extra guacamole? Is now a good time to move to Austin? Who’s more popular: Superman vs Batman?  

The Future

Each dataset has its own write-up, but feel free to go explore. We’ll be posting new datasets often. Please let us know which datasets you’d like to see hosted here for analysis.

We do not have to live in a world where you need special tools to pry open these cans. At Gigasheet, we believe that these public datasets are treasure troves; you shouldn’t need an engineering effort to understand them!

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