Introducing Saved Filters

Today we’re introducing Saved Filters. At the top of the list of most-requested features by our customers, Saved Filters allow Gigasheet analysts to reuse the same filter set on different sheets.  

When we talk to our customers, one of the Gigasheet features they say is most valuable is our filtering capability, which one user called “a simple way to do something very complex”. Unlike Excel or Google Sheets, both of which place limits on the number of different columns that can be filtered on, Gigasheet allows users to build filters with database-like complexity. This power comes from a simple filter builder, however, and not from a structured query language (SQL) that users have to learn. In other words, you get the power of database SQL with none of the hassle.

Example of a Filter with Several Conditions
Building Filters in Gigasheet

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Filtering Down to the "Good Stuff"

Because Gigasheet supports files up to one billion rows, this filtering capability is vital. Load a giant CSV, JSON, or connect to a third party data source: Gigasheet auto-ingests the entire dataset, and then you slice it down to exactly what you need, and export only the rows of value.

Example of Filters Applied to a Sheet
1.8M row Sheet Filtered down to 610 Rows

But what users have asked for is the ability to rerun or recall that complex filter, rather than have to build it again from scratch, be it on the same sheet or even on different sheets.

Saving and Loading Filters

As an example, we’ve heard the same story many times from our customers adding sales and marketing data into Gigasheet. They upload a multi-million row file of all their leads, prospects, or other data related to potential customers. They build their targeted query and get the results they need. These queries are very complex, and having  20+ conditions is not uncommon. The next week, they may get a different set of leads, and upload the new file. But until now, they have had to recreate that same filter on the new sheet.

Saving a Filter
Saving a Filter in Gigasheet

Saved Filters allows these analysts the ability to recreate that same filter logic on new and updated sheets. Rather than have to take the time to rebuild the query, and ensure the 20+ conditions match the previous filter to ensure consistency, they now can simply reapply the saved query on the new sheet and get updated results, or tweak the saved filters as needed.

Loading a Saved Filter


This workflow is probably familiar to anyone who’s used a database. Saved SQL statements, re-run on new or updated data, is a powerful way to analyze tables. But up until now, that database functionality required….well a database, and all the maintenance pain associated with it.

By giving data analysts the flexible interface of a spreadsheet, but the power of a saved database query, we hope our Gigasheet users can find insights better, faster, and with less overall friction than big data platforms normally entail.

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