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Enrich Data

Gigasheet enrichments allow users to add additional context their uploaded data sets. Enrichments are currently focused on Cyber Security, but others are in development.

Enrichments allow you to add context and threat intelligence to IPs and file hashes. The Enrichments dialog is context sensitive, meaning the enrichment options shown are based on the data type of the column selected. For example, GEO IP only operates on IP address data, so it won't be available if a string column is selected for enrichment.

Enrichments are currently available from the following sources:

  • Gigasheet OSINT Feeds - check IPs against the top 15 free threat feeds over the last 90 days
  • GEOIP - bulk GEOIP lookup and add columns for country and city location of IP addresses
  • Recorded Future - request threat intelligence Risk Score and number of Risk Rules triggered for given IP or hash (requires API token)
  • GreyNoise - query for background noise and internet wide scanning (requires API token)
  • Virustotal - retrieve data on file hashes or IPs (requires paid API token)
Enrichment Providers

The Enrichment menu can be accessed via the Enrichment icon underneath the file name, or by clicking on a column name and choosing "Enrich" from the menu.

Enrichment Menu

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