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Nov 22, 2023

How to Generate Emails in Bulk Using AI

Imagine the number of hours it’d take you to write 1,50,000 hyper-personalized emails. You really need a bulk email generator!

While ChatGPT can help, the platform has its limitations.

To generate hyper-personalized emails, you need to feed ChatGPT your customer data. And it’s not possible (yet) to upload or copy/paste such a massive volume of data directly within ChatGPT's interface.

To overcome this limitation, you can train ChatGPT with your custom data. But the only problem is, it requires technical expertise and significant time investment.

That’s where Gigasheet comes to the rescue. 

You can combine the power of Gigasheet, our big data cloud spreadsheet platform, with ChatGPT to automate the process.

In this guide, we’ll show you how we used Gigasheet’s ChatGPT enrichment to generate 1,50,000 hyper-personalized emails in a few minutes.

Let’s get started.

Here’s how we used ChatGPT to generate emails in bulk

Scenario: we recently launched our AI-powered assistant inside Gigasheet’s spreadsheet interface. If we were to inform our leads about this feature, here’s how we’d use our own platform to write hyper-personalized emails in bulk. 

Step I: Upload/Create a spreadsheet file

To begin, if you’re new to Gigasheet, sign up. You can get started for free. 

Or you can just log in to your existing account.

Then, click the “+New > File Upload” button to upload your spreadsheet file.  

Upload/import a spreadsheet file to Gigasheet to create a Bulk Email Generator free

You can also import your spreadsheet file from sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. 

Or you can just create a new sheet from scratch by clicking “+New > Black Sheet”.

Here’s how our leads spreadsheet file looks inside Gigasheet editor:

Gigasheet Editor

Step II: Select “OpenAI-GPT for Gigasheet” enrichment

Click “Functions” from the top-menu and select “Enrichment.” 

Select Enrichments in Gigasheet

Then, choose the “OpenAI - GPT for Gigasheet” enrichment.

"OpenAI - GPT for Gigasheet” enrichment completes the  Bulk Email Generator free

Step III: Enter your prompt

Next, you need to enter a prompt. 

Gigasheet enrichment prompt

Here’s my prompt:

“Suppose you’re the marketing head at Gigasheet and want to inform your leads about your latest feature launch - Gigasheet’s AI assistant. You want to run an email campaign that’s hyper personalized with their ****First Name**** and ****Last Name****. You can also guess their pain points by keeping their ****Job Title**** in mind. Also, make sure the email subject starts with their ****First Name****. If their first name is missing, guess it from their ****Email Address****. Also, don’t make it very formal but at the same time don’t make it over-friendly. There needs to be a balance. Talk to them like they’re your friends.” 

You can set the temperature from 0 (well-defined) to 1 (creative). 

Let’s set ours as “1.”

Gigasheet enrichment prompt for the  Bulk Email Generator free

Once you write your prompt and set the temperature, click “Test.”

Step 4: Check the preview results

Then, Gigasheet will preview three results based on your prompt. If you’re okay with the results, click the “Apply” button. Or you can go back and modify your prompt. 

After all, we want to make sure you get the most out of your money and effort. 

Gigasheet enrichment prompt Preview Results

Step V: Generate emails

Next, Gigasheet will ask to confirm that you want to make the enrichment request. 

Let’s click “Run.”

Gigasheet enrichment prompt Confirm

Now, sit back and relax. It’ll take some time for Gigasheet to work its magic. 

Once these emails are generated, you’ll see them in a new column.

Like this:

Gigasheet enrichment prompt results

You can further select a specific row and customize it as per your requirements. 

But overall, it produces pretty solid results. 

Here’s a dummy result:

Dummy email generated using Gigasheet enrichment prompt as a  Bulk Email Generator free

And that’s how we created over 1,50,000 emails to let our leads know about our latest AI-assistant feature. 

Gigasheet’s Other Enrichment Options to Level Up Your Marketing Efforts !

Let’s take a quick look at our other enrichment solutions you can use to ease and automate your marketing efforts.

1. OpenAI - GPT Company Guesser 

GPT Company Guesser will fetch the company names of your prospects based on your inputs. These inputs can be websites, email addresses, stock tickers, legal company names, etc. 

 OpenAI - GPT Company Guesser

2. OpenAI - GPT First Name Guesser

Gigasheet’s OpenAI - GPT First Name Guesser guesses a person’s first name from their email or full name.

OpenAI - GPT First Name Guesser

3. Gigasheet - Email Format and Alexa Rank

Gigasheet’s Email Format and Alexa Rank enrichment lets you validate the email format so you can reach the right audience. 

Gigasheet - Email Format and Alexa Rank

4. Apollo - Organization Enrichment

This Apollo endpoint enriches organization information info such as industry, company size, etc. based on the domain parameter passed in.

 Apollo - Organization Enrichment

5. Apollo - People Enrichment

Just like Apollo’s Organization Enrichment, the People Enrichment feature will fetch your prospects’ important details so you can target their pain points. All you have to do is set an API Key and enter their basic information like first name, organization name, etc. 

Apollo - People Enrichment

6. EmailListVerify - Email Validation

Oftentimes, marketers collect invalid email addresses and start sending messages without knowing it won’t pay off. EmailListVerify uses lists and active checks to confirm the validity of an email address.

EmailListVerify - Email Validation

Gigasheet & ChatGPT Combine to Make an Impressive Bulk Email Generator!

With more information about your prospects and being very specific with your prompts, you can uplift the quality of emails even further. 

Hope this post was helpful! 

And if you want to try our enrichment feature yourself, take it out for a test spin today.

Gigasheet’s free to use!

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