Instant Insights From Healthcare Data

Analyze life science and healthcare big data instantly in a simple to use interface. No software to install or code required. Gigasheet works like a spreadsheet, but at big data scale.
Gigasheet revolutionizes health and life science data analysis with an intuitive big data analytics. It's never been easier for business teams and individuals to handle complex data analysis without relying on others. Gigasheet automatically transforms huge healthcare data, from machine readable price transparency to commercial industry data, into a user-friendly interface that's as easy to use as a spreadsheet.
Gigasheet UI with abstract illustrations of users to showcase collaboration

Your Secret Weapon

It’s like having a secret weapon that lets you track, manage, and analyze health and life science data with lightning-fast speed. Say goodbye to complex, engineering-heavy SQL interfaces that can be daunting for business users. Welcome the streamlined data management of the future with Gigasheet. Best of all, collaboration is built-in — share with your Team or with trusted individuals outside of your organization.
Gigasheet UI showcasing screenshots of Combine Files, Cross File VLookup, and Remove Duplicates tools.
Gigasheet UI highlighting easy to use Save as New Sheet tool

For Life Sciences, Insurers, and Pharma

With Gigasheet, big data analysis becomes as easy as using a spreadsheet, enabling anyone to efficiently transform and analyze billions of rows with unparalleled speed. Say goodbye to cumbersome configuration and infrastructure and hello to streamlined, analytics as Gigasheet takes center stage in providing data-driven insights.

Gigasheet On Your Data Warehouse

Gigasheet Enterprise runs on your cloud data warehouse or lake, and data nevers leaving your control.
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Identify New Opportunities

Use Gigasheet to analyze operational data to identify white space, errors, or new opportunities. Groups and aggregations make this type of analysis quick and easy.
Gigasheet Groups UI offers users the ability to quickly subdivide data into segments

"This saved me $60K per month."

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