Growth Marketing

Big Data Analytics for Digital Marketing

Analyze SEO and SEM data, clean contact lists, and enrich leads in minutes, at massive scale.
Whether you’re looking at data dumps from your CDP, cleaning and validating email addresses, or working identify your best account targets Gigasheet has got you covered. Gigasheet helps Growth Marketers and Marketing Operations teams analyze and clean huge data files.
Gigasheet Groups UI offers users the ability to quickly subdivide data into segments

Quickly Clean & Segment Leads

Gigasheet makes it easy to quickly clean and transform large sets of marketing data. Familiar spreadsheet tools allow you to build complex filters, groups, and aggregations to ensure your pipeline is producing the results you expect - all without coding. Cross file VLOOKUP makes it simple to correlate across lists or industry benchmarks.

Deliver Large Data Sets Directly to End Users

Functions are tools that allow you to transform entire columns in data. Split or, combine, cross-lookup, and analyze temporal patterns with no code or syntax to learn. Explore the full list! Enrichments incorporate 3rd party data to enhance your original file.
Gigasheet Filters UI is a powerful function allowing using to narrow down their data by pinpointing specific data points as well as segmented data

Combine & Correlate Any Structured Data

CDP, Marketing Automation, CRM, Customer Intelligence, and Advertising platforms all provide data in different formats. It can be challenging to correlate data across these systems to target your best prospects. Gigasheet automatically imports Excel, CSV, TSV, and even converts JSON on the fly. Powerful data cleanup tools, built in functions and enrichments are tailor made for marketing data. For Enterprise users, Gigasheet integrates with 150+ of the most popular SaaS systems, making marketing ops a breeze.
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Big Data Tools Built for Marketing

There is nothing more cumbersome than dealing with Unix time, or other date functions. Gigasheet is built to handle the tedious tasks that slow you down. Are your spreadsheets exceeding the limits of Excel or Google Sheets? We've got you covered.
Gigasheet UI closeup of functions menu offerings.

"This saves me about a week to week and a half of work"

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