Data Delivery Solutions for Data-as-a-Service

Gigasheet Data Delivery enables data providers to delight customers with self-service access to data assets, without the hassle of maintaining a portal and complex query UI.

At Gigasheet, we’ve always believed in democratizing access to large datasets. Data is the lifeblood of modern businesses, driving decisions, uncovering insights, and enabling innovation. Today, I’m thrilled to share more details about Gigasheet's Data Delivery offering, specifically designed for data providers and data-as-a-service (DaaS) companies.

When we founded Gigasheet, our mission was clear: to simplify the complexities of wrangling and analyzing high-volume data. We envisioned a world where data was not just accessible but also actionable, without requiring extensive technical expertise (like SQL or coding). Fast forward to today, and we’re excited to bring that vision to the DaaS landscape, empowering data providers with a straightforward solution to deliver customized datasets to their customers.

The Challenge

Data providers and DaaS operators face a complex set of challenges. Delivering bespoke data en masse to meet myriad customer requirements is no small feat. It requires robust infrastructure, seamless integration, and the ability to handle vast amounts of information efficiently. Moreover, customers today demand more than just raw data files: they want the ability to explore, filter, and segment data on their own terms, without needing technical skills.

The Gigasheet Data Delivery Solution

Our new Data Delivery offering is a turnkey solution designed to meet these demands head-on. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

  1. Flexible Deployment Options: We understand that every data provider has unique needs. That’s why Gigasheet’s UI can be embedded within your portal or act as a standalone solution. This flexibility ensures that you can deliver data in a way that best suits your business model and your customers’ preferences.
  2. Turnkey Solution: Gigasheet offers a complete solution for data delivery. This includes everything from secure data transfer protocols to a user-friendly interface that allows customers to interact with data directly within your portal or as a standalone service.
  3. Self-Service Data Exploration: We provide your customers with the ability to select segmented slices of data on-demand. This self-service capability means they can find exactly what they need, when they need it, without waiting for you to manually process their requests.
  4. No Technical Skills Required: Your customers don’t need to be data scientists to use our platform. Gigasheet’s intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to dive into the data, explore it, and derive insights.
  5. Fully Featured API: Our API allows you to automate processes seamlessly. Whether it’s integrating with your existing systems or automating data delivery tasks, our API has you covered.
  6. Secure and Compliant: Security is at the heart of our platform. Operating on AWS, Gigasheet maintains SOC 2 Type II compliance, ensuring robust data security and routine third-party audits.
Integrate Gigasheet with popular data stores to deliver curated data directly to your customers

Real-World Applications

The applications of our Data Delivery solution are vast. Here are three key ways data providers are leveraging Gigasheet:

  1. B2B Sales Data Delivery: Deliver large datasets of company and contact information for B2B sales, including firmographic and technographic details. Users can explore the entire dataset at once, build complex searches, and export very specific slices of the data. Additionally, users can upload their own datasets and enrich them using VLOOKUPs to join the data. This capability transforms how sales teams access and utilize data, driving more informed decisions and targeted outreach.
  2. Audience Data Delivery: Sellers of audience data can deliver massive, raw datasets in a dynamic and interactive vehicle directly to their customers. This on-demand, self-service access allows customers to interact with the data in real-time, selecting and exporting the segments they need without any delay. It enhances the value proposition for audience data providers by making data more accessible and actionable for their clients.
  3. Market Research Data Delivery: For DaaS providers offering market research data, Gigasheet enables the delivery of large, complex datasets in a user-friendly form factor. Researchers can explore comprehensive datasets, apply filters, and derive insights without needing advanced technical skills. This not only accelerates the research process but also makes sophisticated data analysis accessible to a broader audience.

Why use Gigasheet for Data Delivery?

There are many popular data marketplaces from Snowflake, AWS, and Datarade. Gigasheet’s approach is built for providers who want to deliver data directly to less technical customers, or those who just want to select slices of data in a spreadsheet-like way. While these marketplaces connect technical buyers and sellers, Gigasheet provides data providers a vehicle to deliver data directly to their customers leveraging our platform. This direct delivery model not only simplifies the process for sellers, but allows customers simplified on-demand access. Our pricing is straightforward: pay on a per-customer basis based on the volume of data. No commissions, no revenue sharing, no listing fees – just a clear and transparent pricing structure that scales with your business.

What sets Gigasheet apart is our ability to enable nearly anyone a way to effortlessly explore and analyze vast datasets through a user-friendly, spreadsheet-like interface. We’re SOC 2 Type II compliant and conduct routine third-party audits to maintain the highest level of data protection. We can integrate directly with your backend data store, or import on-demand select data assets.

Moreover, our advanced analytics tools built to handle billion-row scale datasets mean that no job is too big for Gigasheet. We’ve designed our platform to be as powerful as it is user-friendly, ensuring that you and your customers can focus on what truly matters: getting customers access to your data in a usable form factor.

The Future of Data-as-a-Service Delivery

The launch of our Data Delivery offering is just the beginning. We’re committed to continuous innovation and improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and experience firsthand how Gigasheet can transform your data delivery processes.

Data is more than just numbers and statistics; it’s the foundation of knowledge and the key to unlocking new opportunities. At Gigasheet, we’re here to help you harness that power and drive your business forward.

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