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May 26, 2023

30 Days of Data Enrichments: Week 4 No Code Examples

Welcome to the Week 4 recap of our 30 Days of Enrichment campaign. We have had a blast profiling the different kinds of data enrichment APIs. Gigasheet's Custom Enrichment feature allows anyone to perform no code execution of data enrichment APIs. Just find an API online and run it using Gigasheet, no coding skills necessary. That means you can run APIs!

Before we begin Week 4, here is a quick recap of what we have learned so far:

  • Week 1 recap includes geolocation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Star Wars APIs
  • Week 2 recap includes fake data generation, Google Search results, food and nutrition, and Legend of Zelda APIs
  • Week 3 recap includes pollution, stocks information, cybersecurity, makeup, artwork, and breweries

And you can always find the full list of enrichments on our No Code APIs page. The fun continues in Week 4 with APIs ranging from saying hello to technical information about websites. Read on to learn more!

Week 4's No Code Examples of Data Enrichment API's

api ninjas api

API Ninjas Dictionary API

API Ninjas maintains 78 APIs that cover subjects from airlines to vocabulary words. We tried the Dictionary API and were able to enrich our sheet with definitions of vocabulary words. We followed up with the Thesaurus API on the same list. They offer lots of options and guarantee quality data, so go check out the list for yourself.

the api ninjas api request for Dictionary API
securitytrails api

SecurityTrails Details API

SecurityTrails, a leading data security company, offers a host of security-related API's including the Domain Details API which allows you to look up current data about hostnames. The response includes statistics associated with a particular domain, such as the number of other hostnames that have the same IP. We also tried the Domain SSL Certificates API.

Paste in the cURL request from the docs for the SecurityTrails API for Hostname Details
builtwith api

BuiltWith Domain API

Ever wonder what websites are built with? The BuiltWith Domain API provides an endpoint that can accept a domain name and return the technology used to create the website, and all available metadata. Time to start poking around.

paste in docs version of builtwith api request
hello api's Hello, Salut! API

Need to say hello in the appropriate language based on someone's location? The Hello, Salut! API provides an endpoint that returns how to say Hello in the language local to the IP Address. Sounds silly, but you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

api request to say hello using the hello, salut! api
apollo api people enrichment

Apollo People Enrichment API

Use the Apollo People Enrichment API to look up millions of records from your lead list, searching the world's largest, most accurate B2B database. In our example we pass in first name, last name, and company, and are provided plenty of contact information that could help land a deal.

Paste the apollo api request into Gigasheet
magic the gathering developers cards API

Magic: The Gathering Developers Cards API

The Magic: The Gathering Developers offer Magic: The Gathering API endpoints, that return different information about a card, including the set, name, and artist, and materials used. Very useful when you are trying to inventory your collection!

paste magic the gathering api into Gigasheet
spoonacular API

Spoonacular API

Spoonacular, a food management system, offers the Spoonacular API that provides information about individual ingredients or recipes. We use Gigasheet and the Spoonacular ingredient search to find some candidates for getting rid of leftover green beans.

past in cURL request spoonacular api

Custom Enrichments in Action

That wraps up Week 4 of our 30 Days of Enrichments. Come back next week for the exciting conclusion of the campaign, profiling 5 more data enrichment APIs. By now it should be clear that the data enrichment possibilities are endless!

If somehow you haven't seen Custom Enrichments in action by now, stop what you are doing and watch this video!

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