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May 5, 2023

30 Days of Data Enrichments: Week 1 No Code Examples

This week, Gigasheet announced our Custom Enrichment feature, that allows anyone to run a data enrichment API without code. Yes, that means you! Running a data enrichment API is as simple as pasting in the API request and following a step-by-step guide to enrich your sheet with third party data.

There are so many data enrichment services available, that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Thus, we kicked off 30 Days of Enrichments and will provide step by step instructions for every data enrichment API that we cover. You can find the full list of enrichments on our No Code APIs page.

Let's begin our Week 1 Recap, which covered everything from geolocation to Artificial Intelligence (AI), to Star Wars. May the 4th be with you! We weren't kidding when we said these APIs cover any topic.

Week 1's No Code Examples of Data Enrichment API's

Clearbit Autocomplete API

Clearbit’s Autocomplete API that lets you auto-complete company names and retrieve logo and domain information. The Autocomplete API is freely available and doesn’t require registration, so you can try it right now. This API can really help standardize company data!

Screenshot of Clearbit cURL request in Custom Enrichment tool


OpenAI’s ChatGPT API is a game changer for content generation, but if you want to use its capabilities at large scale, then you really need to leverage their API. Using Gigasheet’s Custom Enrichment functionality with the ChatGPT's API, you can generate millions of customized GTP responses without writing a single line of code. The possibilities are endless due to the nature of chat. Examples of things you can do include generating custom email copy, subject lines ideas, or SEO optimized product descriptions.

Screenshot of OpenAI cURL request in Custom Enrichments tool

Google Maps APIs including Address Validation API and More

Google Maps' Address Validation API is just one of the many APIs that are part of the Google Maps Platform. They all allow you numerous ways to access real world data and insights with maps, routes, and places APIs. I mean, who doesn't love Google Maps? In this example, we use the Address Validation API to enrich our data, but we also cover several other Google Maps APIs:

·      Distance Matrix API

·      Directions API

·      Places API

·      Elevation API

Gigasheet UI


We couldn't resist celebrating May the 4th by using Gigasheet to access the Star Wars API from SWAPI (Swah-pee). According to SWAPI, this contains the world's first quantified and programmatically accessible data source for the Star Wars canon. It's free to use and is a fantastic way to demonstrate Custom Enrichments, whether you like Star Wars or not. So have fun!

Running the SWAPI Star Wars API

Ziptastic API for Forward and Reverse Geocoding

Ziptastic offers API's for both Forward Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding. If you aren't familiar with those terms, forward geocoding uses a zip code to return city, state, country and other locale information. Conversely, Reverse Geocoding takes coordinates of latitude and longitude and returns city, state, country, and other locale information. Regardless of the direction you are headed, Ziptastic has you covered! This location data can be especially useful when enriching your sheet!

Use Ziptastic API for forward geocoding

Custom Enrichments in Action

Stay tuned to our blog during the month of May to see more examples of data enrichment APIs. If you haven't watched Jason demonstrate no code APIs, then head to our YouTube channel. Sign up for free to try it today!

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