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Oct 19, 2022

Product Update: Public File Sharing

Now you can share big data with anyone who has the link, no login required.

In this day and age, if something is truly important, it has to be on the internet. Because we all know that everything we read on the internet is true, 100% of the time! Plus, it would be downright selfish to keep something interesting to ourselves that the entire world would enjoy.

While this attitude has prevailed with social media, it has not made it to the world of big data. Yes, there are online repositories like Kaggle or Github where you can post files for others to download and analyze, but there is a certain amount of friction and technical know-how involved in that process. What if you wanted to take a huge data set, analyze it, and immediately share the most important part of the data with the entire internet?

We are excited to inform you that this now exists. Introducing the Share Publicly feature in Gigasheet! Previously, Gigasheet allowed you to invite users to view your sheet, but this required that they sign up for Gigasheet (which they should do!). But now, you can post a link to your sheet that can be viewed by anyone without logging in.

Benefits of Public Link Sharing:

  • No Gigasheet account is required to view data
  • Data will be presented just the way you left it:
  • Hidden & Rearranged Columns
  • Filtered and Sorted
  • Expanded Groups
  • Your data cannot be changed by public viewers!
  • Gigasheet Users can save a copy to their own account to perform additional analysis

Don't believe us? Try it right now by viewing this IMDB data set already grouped and sorted by year, with the group tvShort expanded.

Explore Sample Data from IMDB

You will see the 7.3M row file, presented exactly as we left it:

IMDB Data set in a Publicly Shared sheet in Gigasheet

Why use Public Sharing?

Public sharing makes it easy for others to instantly view a big data set. This has applications at work or in the classroom. For big data to be actionable, others need to be presented with your analysis steps in order to buy into the conclusions. By creating a public sheet, you can share your analysis with coworkers and classmates alike. They can explore the data instantly without downloading any files or installing any software.

Gigasheet to works a data distribution mechanism using publicly shared sheets. For example, we love the work that Jeremy Singer-Vine does with his Data is Plural website. If you aren't familiar, Jeremy distributes a weekly newsletter containing interesting data sets for exploration. Some data sets have their own visualizations, and some are just links to data files. We loaded a few examples from the 2022.10.12 edition into Gigasheet and think you should check them out:

1.9M workplace injury records 2016-22 via @OSHA_DOL

Includes business name, location, industry, # employees, hours worked, number of deaths, injuries, skin disorders, respiratory conditions, poisonings, hearing loss, & other illnesses.

Explore OSHA Injury Tracking Data

Check out ROLE: A Database of Rebel Leader Attributes in Armed Conflict.

Covers 425 individuals fighting against 80+ countries. By Benjamin Acosta, Benjamin, Reyko Huang, and Daniel Silverman.

Explore ROLE: Rebel Leader Data

A sampling of wine economic data from 2020 via @UniofAdelaide

Includes regional winegrape bearing area (hectares) in 2020 by country, region, varietal and more.

Explore 2020 Wine Economic Data

How to Share Publicly?

So how does this all work? It is literally a 4 click process!

Sharing Big Data Files Is Easy with Gigasheet

1. Click the yellow Share button at the top of your sheet.

Share button in Gigasheet

2. Click Share Publicly in the Sharing options pop-up.

3. Click Copy Link and you will see confirmation that the link is on your Clipboard.

4. Hit Done and go share the link via whatever channel suits your needs: website, chat, social media, messages, etc. The world is out there, let them know what you have discovered!

Viewing a Public Sheet

When viewing a publicly shared sheet, the Gigasheet menu is slightly limited. Publicly shared sheets still allow viewers to Filter and Group data. However, the powerful functions and enrichments that add data to a file in Gigasheet are reserved for users. But remember Gigasheet is free, and one can become a user by simply clicking the Sign Up For Free button at the top!

Publicly Shared Sheet Menu

Publicly Shared Sheet menu

Full Gigasheet Menu

Regular Gigasheet menu with more options

Other Sharing Options: Invite People

If you want to share your analysis with another Gigasheet user and don't want the file publicly accessibly, you can still invite users to your sheet using the same Share button as above. Instead of choosing Share Publicly, use the Invite People feature to either enter an email address and hit Invite, or Copy Link for sharing. Users who use the link to your file will have to sign into their Gigasheet account to view your file, and will be presented the normal Gigasheet menu.

The classic method of sharing in Gigasheet via inviting people

Remember, your work is always safe with Gigasheet. Invited users cannot make changes to your file and will be asked to Save A Copy to their account to make changes.

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