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Mar 25, 2024

Big Data Automation: Gigasheet + Zapier

"Set It and Forget It": Your Big Data's New Best Friend

Hey there, data wranglers! Ever feel like you’re drowning in multiple spreadsheets, dreaming of a world where your data just...sorts itself out? Well, pinch yourself because you’re not dreaming. Welcome to the magical world of automating Gigasheet with Zapier, or as I like to call it, "The Lazy Genius Approach to Big Data Management." Don't want to read all of this? Skip to the bottom and check out my video walkthrough.

👭 Why This Dynamic Duo?

Think of Gigasheet and Zapier as the Batman and Robin of the data world. Except, instead of fighting crime, they’re fighting the mind-numbing monotony of dealing with multiple spreadsheets that don't scale and the villainous errors that sneak into your work when you've been staring at the same files for hours.

While Zapier is a powerhouse for automating tasks, it's more of a sprinter than a marathon runner when it comes to big data. It excels at handling one record at a time, but for those looking to process data in bulk, Zapier might start panting a bit under the heavy lifting – which is exactly why we built our Zapier integration.

  • Save Time: So you can finally start that origami YouTube channel you’ve been talking about.
  • Reduce Errors: Because the only surprises we like are birthday parties and unexpected pizza.
  • Boost Productivity: Get more done, so you can proudly slack off in other areas of life.

🏀 Pre-Game Warm-Up: Getting Big Data Automation Set Up

First Things First: Generating Your Gigasheet API Key

  1. Log into your Gigasheet account and navigate to the Library page.
  2. Select "Automation API" from the left menu and click "Generate API Key".
  3. Copy and securely save your API key. Don't have an API key? Request access here

Automate Big Data With Zapier

Connect Gigasheet to Zapier

  1. With your API key handy, go to Zapier and create a new Zap.
  2. Search for and select Gigasheet, using your API key to connect your account.

🤖 Building Your Robot Assistant

Check out the video below for a step-by-step walkthrough of an advanced automation workflow that enriches data. Here's the high-level gist of what we cover.

1. Picking a Trigger

  • Choose what kicks off your automation. A common trigger is when new sheet appears in a folder on Gigasheet.

2. Paths

  • Paths in Zapier are like choosing your own adventure for your data: they allow you to set up conditional workflows that branch out based on specific triggers or criteria, making sure your data always ends up exactly where it's supposed to, no matter which plot twist it encounters along the way.

3. Enrichment

  • Enrichments in Gigasheet turn your data from raw to insightful, giving each row added context from third-party data providers. It's like sprinkling your spreadsheet with a bit of magic dust to reveal the hidden stories behind the numbers.

4. Keeping What You Love: The Marie Kondo Step

  • Next you can hide or delete columns. This is the data prep step where you say goodbye to the data that doesn’t spark joy, keeping only the columns that do.

5. Append to the Master Sheet

  • Take your now-prepared data and add it to a master sheet. This is where we'll keep the master or gold set of records.

6. Cleanup: Moving Files

  • Optionally, shuffle those processed files into a “processed” folder. It’s the digital equivalent of not letting your guests see the mess in the kitchen. It's best practice to keep them around should you want to go back and troubleshoot down the road.

Need help automating with Zapier? Contact us at

🏅The Real MVP: Big Data Automation in Action

Once you hit "Publish," your Zap springs to life, whisking your data from the inbox to the ballroom, fully dressed and ready to dance, all while you kick back and marvel at the wonders of big data automation with Gigasheet.

These days time is precious and data is plentiful. Automation isn’t just nice to have; it’s your secret weapon in the battle against mundane tasks and inefficiency. Gigasheet and Zapier are here to take the heavy lifting off your shoulders, so you can focus on what really matters—like finally getting around to that origami channel.

Dive into the world of "set it and forget it" data management and watch as your spreadsheets sort themselves out, leaving you to ponder the important questions in life, like "Is a hotdog a sandwich?" Spoiler: It’s not.

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