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Apr 26, 2023

Gigasheet + Einblick: Marketing with Data Science

At Gigasheet, our goal is to democratize big data, making data analysis easy and available to anyone who can use a spreadsheet. Of course, actual Data Scientists have their own powerful tool sets that they use to perform statistical analysis.

One such tool is Einblick, which allows data scientists to collaborate on their analysis using multi-player Python notebooks on visual canvases. Using the new Gigasheet API, Gigasheet can act as a business friendly data preparation platform, bridging the gap between non-technical data consumers and the data scientists performing data analysis.

Data scientists use Einblick because it is the fastest and most collaborative way to explore data and create predictions. It allows them to mix and match the code used for analysis, combining Python and SQL into the same platform. Einblick also provides a visual canvas-based notebook, which enhances shareability and clarifies complexity amongst team members. Lastly, it’s  in the cloud, so anyone, anywhere can access their hosted platform, eliminating painful setup, increasing reproducibility, and enabling automation of data science tasks.

Marketing with Data Science Using Gigasheet and Einblick

Because Gigasheet is designed with an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface, business analysts can easily manipulate, clean, and prepare huge datasets without the need for complex programming skills. By first doing their own data cleaning and initial inspection, the business can convey what data is relevant prior to handing it off to the data scientist for further analysis. Once shared, Einblick allows the data scientists the ability to perform code based deep data analysis.

In this example on Einblick’s blog, Gigasheet and Einblick are used together to perform analysis on sales transactions with the goal of forecasting which customers will respond best to a marketing campaign. We encourage you to read the post, or watch the video below! Here’s a brief summary of how it works:

  1. Data from two different inventory management systems needs analysis, but they are in different formats, XLS and JSON. The combined data totals more than 4.8 million rows, far beyond the row limits of Excel.
  2. Gigasheet converts both files to CSV and allows the business user to inspect and prep the data, remove and rearrange columns, and combine the files.
  3. The data is then imported via API to Einblick.
  4. A data scientist then loads the data into a Pandas dataframe, adds a few charts and a table, and builds a forecast of upcoming sales volume.
  5. The data is then delivered back via API to the business users in Gigasheet for consumption.

The beauty of this flow is that both business analysts and data scientists operate in software that is appropriate for their abilities, but since Gigasheet and Einblick are connected via API, the data sharing is seamless. This enables faster collaboration and more accurate communication around data between different teams.

If you want to follow along at home, here is a folder with the raw data, and the final, merged output file (no sign-in required!).

Wrapping Up

Gigasheet and Einblick can be used to bridge the gap between business analysts and data scientists by using the Gigasheet API to pass data between the two systems. Better collaboration between teams will drive better outcomes for the overall business. Decisions can be better informed, helping gain a competitive advantage in today’s data-driven world.

Best of all, both Gigasheet and Einblick offer a free tier, so you can get both teams started today!

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