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Dec 13, 2022

Bulk IP Lookup – The Easy Way to Lookup IP Addresses for Geo Targeting

Imagine this –

You run a SaaS company with thousands of users worldwide.

Next month, you're planning to host an event in New York City and are looking to invite your users.

So, you go ahead and roll out an invitation email to every single user in your database.

Yay! That’s great.

But there's just one mistake you made here.

If you’re planning to host an event in New York City, it doesn’t make sense to roll out an invitation email to users based in Asia or Europe, or other parts of the world far away from New York.

That doesn't make sense meme

Most SaaS companies, during sign-up, ask their users only for their name, email address, and payment information.

That’s all!

They don’t really require their users to share their location.

This means - you probably don’t know where your users are based.

Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily.

But what if you want to personalize your marketing campaigns based on the location of your customers when you don’t have access to their location in the first place?

How can you determine their location? The answer is simple: IP Address Lookup.

All you need is your customers’ IP addresses to personalize your marketing campaigns based on location. So – whether you want to invite your customers based in New York to a local event or run hyper-personalized advertisements, IP targeting is the way to go.

NOTE - If your customers are using VPN, then IP lookup tools will not be able to determine your customers’ location, but for the vast majority of internet users, it works great!

In the next section, we will show you how to get your hands on your customers’ location via their IP address lookup.

IP Targeting – Find Your Customers’ Location Using their IP Addresses

Single IP Address Lookup

You can easily find your customers’ location via their IP addresses using an Instant IP lookup service like WhatIsMyIPAddress, WhatIsMyIP, NordVPN IP Address Lookup, just to name a few.

These tools are brilliant. All you need to do is enter the IP address and you’ll get access to Internet Service Provider, Country, City, Hostname, Region/State, and Area Code in no time.

Here’s an example:

IP Address Lookup Software

Bulk IP Address Lookup

However, what if you want to look up thousands of IP addresses at the same time? If you have thousands of users, it doesn’t make sense to look up every single IP address one by one.

Well – you can use Bulk IP lookup tools like InfoByIP, ShowMyIP, or ipapi.

We generated 5,000 Random IPs to learn how well these tools work using IPVOID Random IP Generator. Below are the results of bulk IP address lookup from several popular tools.

How to Generate 5000 Random IPs

Bulk IP Address Tools Have a Record Limit of Only 100 IP Addresses

InfoByIP Bulk IP Lookup Tool

We pasted all 5,000 IP addresses to InfoByIP Domain and IP Bulk Lookup Tool to see whether it fetches us the locations of all 5,000 IP addresses or not.

Looking up IP location of 5000 IPs

However, as we expected, InfoByIP Domain and IP Bulk Lookup Tool only processed  100 IP addresses out of the 5,000 we provided them with.

And to our shock, we couldn’t even add all 5,000 IP addresses. The tool took only 3,501 IP addresses as input, of the 5,000 we pasted.

Error to look up all IPs

However, it only returned geo locations for 100 records. What!?

We tried performing the same set of actions and found out that no free Bulk IP Lookup tool allows its users to look up thousands of IP addresses at once.

ShowMyIP Bulk IP Lookup Tool

ShowMyIP Bulk IP Lookup

Maximum of 100 IP's at once!

ipapi Bulk IP Lookup Tool

ipapi Bulk IP Lookup

The limit is 100 again!

No free Bulk IP Lookup tool allows its users to look up thousands of IP addresses at once.

However, there is one tool that allows user to look up a billion IP addresses at once using our IP Address Enrichment feature.

You read it right... a billion. It's free to get started.


Use Gigasheet for Bulk IP Lookup of a Billion Records

To show our IP Address Enrichment feature in action, we generated 100,000 random IP addresses via IPVOID Random IP Generator.

Generate 100,000 Random IPs

Now, we copied and pasted them to a blank Excel Workbook – which we named “Gigasheet IP Address Enrichment.”

Adding Random IPs to Excel Sheet

We named our first column “IP Addresses” – which is why it shows “100,001” entries.  Now, we uploaded this workbook to Gigasheet.

Haven’t tried out Gigasheet before? Click here to sign up.

Gigasheet How to Sign Up

Next, we uploaded our file to Gigasheet.

Inside the Gigasheet dashboard, click on +NEW -> File Upload.

With Gigasheet, you can upload spreadsheet files in different formats – from CSV to LOG to JSON to ZIP – Gigasheet processes files in different formats. And the best part is – you can either upload your file from your device or import your files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and many other sources. Gigasheet also allows its users to

Since we saved my Excel workbook on my local computer, we’ll directly upload my file to Gigasheet.

Add IP Address File to Gigasheet

Gigasheet automatically created a folder with my file inside it.

File Uploaded to Gigasheet
IP Address File inside Gigasheet

We clicked on the file to load it inside Gigasheet. Here’s what it looks like:

Before Applying IP Address Enrichment

Now, let’s look up all these IP addresses at once inside Gigasheet.

To do that, click on “Insert.” Next, select “Enrichments.” Now, you’ll see a Data Enrichment popup where you need to select “IP Address” as the enrichment column and tick-mark on the “GEO IP” under Service Options.

Here’s a GIF explaining the process:

IP Targeting - How to Look Up IP Location in Bulk inside Gigasheet


Gigasheet will take a few seconds to process your request and as soon as it’s done – you’ll have hands on:

  • Geo Country
  • Geo Country Code
  • Geo City
  • Geo County
  • Geo Region
  • Geo Latitude
  • Geo Longitude
  • Geo Hash

These columns show up in the Column List:

Gigasheet Right Column

As well as in the sheet:

Mission successful

Now, let’s play around a bit.

Explore the Bulk IP Results in Gigasheet

Oh, did we tell you that you can use Gigasheet to filter or group your data? Not only is Gigasheet useful for looking up IP Addresses, but it is a powerful data exploration tool.

Let’s say you want to get your hands on the IP addresses of your customers based in the US. To do that, we’ll apply a filter inside Gigasheet:

Gigasheet applying filter

Here’s the filter we applied:

Gigasheet filter

And here are the results:

Filter Results

That’s how we find out IP addresses of customers based in the United States. Now, we can use these IP addresses to find out their email addresses. This way, we can know which customers to send an invitation email to or for other purposes. If you want to search by region, you can also do that – like for example, Chicago or Los Angeles.

And you can also group your data using the “Group” feature.

Let’s group our data by Geo Country:

Group our data by Geo Country

And it’s done.

Group our data by Geo Country Results

Let’s click on “China” to get our hands on the IP addresses of customers based in China.

Gigasheet UI

Now, you can also add another layer of grouping. Let’s add another layer as “GEO REGION.”

Gigasheet UI


Grouping Data by Column

Now, if we want to get our hands on IP addresses of our customers based in Chicago, all we need to do is expand the “America/Chicago” column:



Try out Gigasheet. It’s free to get started.

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