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Feb 8, 2024

7 Best AI Spreadsheet Tools That Make Data Analysis a Breeze

We’ve seen how ChatGPT changed the way we work by accelerating creative thinking and mechanical tasks. 

Now, imagine if you could leverage this AI to create and optimize spreadsheets. It can lead to faster data processing, quicker actions, and no blockers. 

AI spreadsheet tools make it easy for you to perform the most complex operations without breaking a sweat or wasting a minute. After testing dozens of these AI for spreadsheet platforms, I’ve shortlisted my seven best picks for seamless data management.

Top 7 spreadsheet AI tools to speed up data generation and analysis

Let’s break down each of these seven tools to discover their core features and what unique value propositions they bring to the table.

1. Gigasheet: Best for working with massive files with up to 1 billion rows

Gigasheet AI spreadsheet tool

Gigasheet is a big data spreadsheet platform purpose-built for processing large datasets. It combines the power of big data with the familiar spreadsheet interface to help you analyze and organize datasets, regardless of the file size. 

Gigasheet’s AI-powered Sheet Assistant works as your chat assistant. Simply share a prompt with instructions about what you want to do, and Sheet Assistant will:

  • Perform the necessary actions in your prompt
  • List the steps it took to implement your instructions
Gigasheet's AI Assistant

Sheet Assistant can use all of Gigasheet’s advanced built-in capabilities and process files with up to 1 billion rows—making it one of the most powerful AI spreadsheet makers in this list.

Gigasheet lets you organize your datasets with easy filtering, sorting, and grouping features. You can also apply the IF/THEN function to expand your database or use the Explode Date function for analyzing date-related data. 

What’s more, you can collaborate with your entire team to keep everyone in the loop and store or share files effortlessly. 

2. Rows AI: Best for generating quick insights and text

Rows AI spreadsheet tool

Rows is another spreadsheet tool with a built-in AI assistant to fast-track actions within a dataset. You can use Rows AI for various use cases, such as:

  • Summarizing a dataset and listing overall observations
  • Answering any questions based on the dataset 
  • Structuring raw data with quick classification
  • Generating keywords and short-form text

While Gigasheet’s AI assistant works as a tool within the main app, you have to use the formula =ASK_OPENAI to access Rows AI. So, you don’t get the convenience of simply typing a prompt with all the instructions. You have to write a simple prompt and use some formulas to get accurate results.

3. Zoho Sheet: Best for accessing AI spreadsheets on mobile 

Zoho Sheet AI spreadsheet maker

Zoho Sheet is a free AI spreadsheet maker where you can create a new spreadsheet from scratch or import your files from Excel, then use AI to optimize the datasets. Zoho’s AI assistant, Zia , can process data in seconds to extract meaningful insights and perform different actions. 

You can use Zia to create pivot tables, visualize your data, or ask any question about your dataset. The tool is also available as a mobile app to help you navigate a dataset on the go.

Its drag-and-drop interface is also pretty user-friendly. So, you don’t have to spend hours wrecking your head over what formulas to type for any task. 

4. Excelly-AI: Best for generating and understanding formulas

Excelly-AI spreadsheet

Excelly-AI is another AI spreadsheet assistant that works with Excel files and Google Sheets. You can upload your files and add a prompt to generate or explain a formula. The tool can automatically detect your dataset’s columns and work on your prompts accordingly.

It’s a great tool for beginners who don’t have experience working with formulas. You can ask the tool to generate a formula for performing a specific action. Alternatively, you can also get a quick explanation of what different formulas mean or how they work.

Excelly-AI is also great for changing Google Sheets formulas into Excel formulas and vice-versa.  

5. Numerous: Best for creating and translating bulk content 

Numerous AI spreadsheet tool

Numerous sits within your browser to work on Google Sheets and it’s also available as a web-based platform to process Excel files. This AI assistant has multiple use cases, such as:

  • Translating text to another language
  • Sentiment analysis and classification
  • Creating text based on your prompts
  • Data clean-up and reformatting

You can also use pre-made templates for a few of these use cases. Just upload your file and choose any of the templates, define the right properties for the formulas, and Numerous will generate results.

6. Equals: Best for automating developer-focused data analysis

Equals spreadsheet tool with AI

Equals works with the GPT-4 API to give you an AI-powered spreadsheet platform. This is a developer-focused tool with the ability to generate SQL code using a single prompt. You can also debug code or get a clear explanation for any part of the query with Equals’s AI.

Another unique advantage of using Equals is its intuitive interface. You just have to select any cell where you want to perform an action, then type out your prompt—like ‘explain this formula’ or ‘correct this formula’.

Equals can also help you visualize your data in charts and graphs. Plus, you can get a quick summary or main takeaways from any dataset.


7. SheetAI: Best for programmatic data generation 

SheetAI for spreadsheets

SheetAI is another powerful AI spreadsheet assistant to generate content and copy using programmatic AI workflows. Unlike other tools focusing mainly on data analysis, SheetAI is better suited for creating short-form content, like tweets, product descriptions, taglines, etc.

You can create a spreadsheet listing all your ideas and use the SHEETAI_BRAIN formula to write the exact prompt to generate text. The tool can also help you clean up email lists and generate dummy data for testing or other purposes.

Make your spreadsheets faster, more intelligent than ever!

That’s a wrap-up of my recommendations for the seven best AI spreadsheet tools. 

If you want a tool to quickly generate or explain formulas, you might want to try tools like Equals and Excelly-AI. And if you want to perform more complex actions with easy accessibility on the phone, then Zoho Sheet is a great option.

But if you’re looking to replace Excel and Sheets with a seamless AI-powered solution, Gigasheet is the best choice for you. It simplifies different functions while giving you key capabilities to collaborate with your team and work on large datasets like a pro.

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