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Unique identifiers for POIs, address matching and more. Easily solve address mismatches in a spreadsheet with this no-code API integration.
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No-Code Address Matching With Placekey

Placekey is a free, universal standard identifier for any physical place, so that the data pertaining to those places can be shared across organizations easily. Placekey goes beyond just an identifier. It makes it easy to work with geospatial data that is easily joined and combined from many different sources. Here we show you how to use the Placekey API to solve common address matching problems.

Provider Website: https://placekey.io
Provider Enrichment Docs:https://docs.placekey.io/
Endpoint: https://api.placekey.io/v1/placekey
Registration Required: Yes (free)

View step-by-step instructions in this video:

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