Email Verification Tools

Free: Verify millions of email address, at no cost. Support for CSV, TSV, XLS, and more.
Instant: Validate address formats, traffic ranking, and label free, business, and disposable email addresses.
Secure & Private: We never share or sell your data.
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Gigasheet's Data Enrichment tool requires a column match and service option.

How to Use

  1. Sign up! Free forever with Gigasheet
  2. Upload your CSV or Excel file containing email addresses
  3. Run the Enrichment tools and select Email Verification Addresses for free
  4. Optional: Provide an Abstract API token for instant email validation
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Step-by-Step Instructions

First create a free account, then simply upload your CSV or Excel file containing email addresses in a single column by clicking +New > File Upload > Browse to select a file from your machine. You can zip your file to save time uploading.

Next your CSV or Excel file will automatically upload (and unzip if necessary). For exceptionally large files you'll see a loading bar while the file parses.

Once complete, click on the file name in your Library to view the CSV or Excel file online. The viewer will open a spreadsheet in a new browser tab for viewing. Here you can apply the Email Verification Tools. Hit Functions > Enrichments and a dilog box will appear. Select Email as the enrichment type and choose the enrichment column that contains your list of email addresses. Under Service Options choose:

Free Email Verification returns the domain, its ranking, and whether it’s free or disposable.

Optional: Email Validation returns Abstract's industry-leading Deliverability and Quality Score. Obtain tokens from the Abstract website.

Once you hit Apply, the enrichment will run and information about your email addresses will be added in new columns to the right of the original email list, highlighted in blue. Use Gigasheet to quickly filter, search, or create pivot tables with your CSV or Excel File.

Save Money and Protect Deliverability

Stop spending money on toxic email addresses. Clean up your email list to avoid bounces, spam traps and fake emails, and improve your deliverability.

Free Email Verifier

Check a list of email addresses anytime. Verification returns the domain and traffic ranking. It also detects if the domain belongs to a free consumer service, business, or disposable service.

Instant Email Validation

Improve your delivery rate and clean your email lists using services like, Apollo, Abstract and more. No need to code, just provide your token.

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