Big Data Analytics for Marketing Teams

Gigasheet streamlines data analysis and cleaning for thousands of growth marketers. Easily work with large audience data, SEO/SEM exports, preparing data for outbound campaigns, and more.

The Easiest Solution for  Marketing Data Insight

It's no wonder thousands of leading organizations use Gigasheet to analyze and transform data for marketing. That's because Gigasheet is the big data platform built for business, with an intuitive spreadsheet interface. No special training or coding skills needed. You can literally get started right now.
Efficiency: Save time and effort by streamlining data cleanup and preparation tasks. Focus on crafting compelling campaigns instead of manual data transformation.
Accuracy: Gigasheet's data verification integrations ensure your outbound campaign quality. Verify email addresses, minimizing bounce rates and maximize campaign success.
Collaboration: Work on tough problems together with built-in sharing and data publishing tools. Expand to Teams edition to share data and work together with your entire team.
No-Code Integrations: Gigasheet integrates with every major data provider. Need something special? Our Custom Enrichments allow you to fetch data from any API.
Try It Now: The free version of Gigasheet offers up to 10,000 requests for HTTP enrichment, and with most popular data services supported, you can get started without breaking the bank.
Automation: Take your outbound campaigns to the next level by automating the entire process. Leverage automation through Zapier, Make, Pably, or roll-your-own with the Gigasheet API.

One-Click Data Solutions with Gigasheet

Whether you're a seasoned growth hacker or a n00b, Gigasheet provides one-click solutions to common data problems. Best of all, it works on huge datasets – up to 1 billion rows in a single sheet. Drop files in and start today. Want to connect Gigasheet to your cloud data lake? Check out Gigasheet Enterprise.

Data Extraction Functions

Say goodbye to cumbersome processes for extracting first names, cleaning up company names, or extracting domain names. Gigasheet's split column function easily extracts first names from full names, making your campaigns more personalized and engaging.

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