Salesforce History Tracking

Automated Spreadsheets Track and Summarize Salesforce Changes at Big Data Scale


Analyze Pipeline, Opportunity, Account History & More

Change Summarization: We capture Salesforce data daily, weekly, or monthly, and summarize changes for you in Gigasheet, the world's leading big data spreadsheet.
Intuitive & Scalable: Easily manage and analyze results in the intuitive spreadsheet interface, capable of managing up to 1 billion rows in a single sheet.
Detailed: Leverage existing reports or entire objects for comprehensive history and analytics. No data warehouse required, no engineering, and no reporting snapshot limits.

Companies Using Gigasheet

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Hassle-free big data

What is Gigasheet?

Gigasheet is the cloud-based big data analytics platform that provides users with the ability to analyze large and complex data sets in a simple, intuitive, and no-code environment. It's particularly useful for those who are familiar with spreadsheets might not have extensive coding or database skills. Gigasheet can handle massive data sets, supporting up to 1 billion rows in a single sheet, and recognizes most file formats and integrates with popular CRMs, databases and SaaS platforms.

One of the key features of Gigasheet is its no-code interface, which means you don't need to learn a proprietary query or coding language. We also offers capabilities for automating tasks, enabling more efficient data management and analysis. The platform facilitates easy sharing and collaboration once the data is loaded. Additionally, Gigasheet integrates with popular cloud storage and offers features like AI enhancements and the ability to merge or transform data files, such as converting JSON to CSV.

Automatically Track Changes Over Time


Gigasheet streamlines Salesforce history tracking with intuitive, always up-to-date spreadsheet. Go beyond the limits of field history tracking in Salesforce with Gigasheet. Our scalable secure cloud solution scales beyond typical solutions.
Easily Rewind Salesforce Data

Rewind Data:

Navigate Salesforce history painlessly with Gigasheet. Automated exports, combined with the world's leading big data spreadsheet, simplify the tracing of changes and tracking of lineage across opportunities, accounts, contacts, and more.