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Sep 1, 2022

(You Should Not) Learn How to Cheat at Wordle

What kind of a monster, what kind of a louse, what kind of a wretch of a human being would use this Wordle cheat sheet?

Sure, streaks are nice. You don’t want to lose your streak. We saw the aftermath of the COYLY disaster – streaks destroyed, marriages ruined, countries fallen, lives no longer worth living.  

But you – a decent, upstanding citizen – would never do this. I mean sure, the New York Times makes public the list of 2,309 potential Wordle solutions. But they provide it in a format that is basically unusable.

And obviously *you* would not be the moral disaster who would take the following steps, but could someone, in theory, download that list, do some quick splits, and upload it to Gigasheet and give access to everyone? Dear Reader, it’s actually pretty easy.

Explore The Wordle Data Set

How To Cheat At Wordle

And with that sheet, can someone – not you, never you – use Gigasheet’s incredibly easy filtering capabilities to ensure Wordle success every day? Let’s watch this ethical abomination play out, as a lesson in how not to behave.

First Guess is CLIMB

Terrible start, but we can build from this. Let's build a filter to eliminate any word with C, L, I, M, or B.

Gigasheet UI

We’re down to 684 potential solutions (At the bottom, it says ROWS: 684 of 2,309).

Filtered down to 684 possible answers

Let’s keep going!

Worlde Cheat - 2nd guess is Stare

After guessing "Stare", update the filter to contain the clues from the 3 yellow letters:

Updated filters after guessing Stare

Just like that, we (meaning me and some other terrible people, but not you, never you) see the 9 possible solutions.

9 Possible Answers remain

Let’s pick a word with letters we see repeatedly from those 9 options.

How To Cheat Wordle

With this info, meaning the now green letters, we can update our query:

Updated query after guessing Upset

Hey, look at that! We have our answer:

The answer is Onset

Never a doubt:

The Wordle Answer is Onset

Again, I’m not saying you should use this to win at Wordle. But I’m saying, you should never again lose at Wordle!

This travesty is all totally free. Use it every day; we won’t tell anyone.

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