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Jun 23, 2023

How to Generate Fake Big Data in a Few Seconds

Let me set the stage for you: You’re a developer building a unique customer relationship management app and need a dummy database of companies to test and quality-check your prototype. Or maybe you’re a data analyst working on a project that requires a large database of companies.

Whatever the reason may be, generating a large database is no easy feat. Sure, you can do it manually, but how much time would that take you? Like seriously, generating a large database of fake company data would take me a lifetime.

That’s where Gigasheet’s Custom Enrichment comes in, calling the Faker API to generate unlimited fake company data. Sounds complicated? It's not! And no code is required to run data enrichment APIs.

With Gigasheet, generating fake company data is as simple as listening to music or taking a walk in the park. Let me show you how generate fake data the simple way.

Create a fake company database using Gigasheet in five simple steps!

Whether you need data to test your latest dev project or want to run a marketing experiment, Gigasheet’s fake data generator will create a database within seconds. Here’s how you can do it after signing into your Gigasheet account:

Step 1: Upload a new file with one column filled

For starters, create an Excel doc, or Google Sheets file with one column filled with numbers. You can create up to 1M rows in Excel, or 10M in Google sheets. It's just used as a starting point in the process!

Here’s what my file looked like at the start:

Spreadsheet with company number

Upload this file to your Gigasheet account by hitting the “+NEW -> File Upload” button on the left. From there, you can either drag-and-drop the file or look for it in your local computer. Or you can also import from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and other sources.

Once the file is uploaded and processed, click on it - which will launch it inside Gigasheet online CSV viewer.

Step 2: Select the Enrichments function and choose Custom Enrichment

For the next step, go to Functions > Enrichment.

how to generate fake data using Gigasheet enrichments

Within Enrichment, choose Custom Enrichment and paste the Faker API link

Then press Next.

Gigasheet custom enrichment

Step 3: Replace the seed value with your column reference

Select the numerical code at the end of the URL and click on the drop-down option in the “Select Column Reference(s)” section.

Replace the seed value with your column reference

Choose “Company Number” and click on “Insert Column Reference.”

When you select the column “Company Number” as the column reference, the URL will change like this:

Step 4: Check the preview and select your desired fields

In this step, you’ll see a preview of three rows with all the data Gigasheet will generate for your database. You can browse and select the details you’d like to include in your database.

Generate large fake company dataset

Some of the fields include:

  • City
  • Email
  • Country
  • Address
  • Website
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Country code
  • Building number

You can select the fields you’d like inside your file. Once done, click on “Apply.”

Step 5: Click on “Run” and wait for data generation.

Now you’re all set to create your fake database. Just hit Run and let Gigasheet work its magic. Within a few seconds, you’ll see a complete database on your screen (and get a copy emailed to your inbox).

Here’s the final result: you’ll see a fully populated database created from scratch by Gigasheet.

Generating fake company data in Gigasheet

Get More Out of Your Fake Company Database with Gigasheet’s Data Analysis Features!

Now that your dummy database is ready, you can twist and manipulate it with Gigasheet’s advanced filtering and grouping features. Let’s look at these cool features!

Filter the data to display specific results

If you want to analyze your database more closely, use Filters to display data matching specific conditions. When you click on the Filter option, you can define your desired condition and hit Apply to see the data points matching this condition.

For instance, I selected the field for country addresses and set the condition to display rows matching Somalia, Gambia, and Guyana.

When I hit Apply, Gigasheet only took a second to segregate these results:

Gigasheet allows you to work on humongous-sized spreadsheets, which means you can apply filters to spreadsheets comprising millions or billions of rows. To return to the original database (remove all filters), click on the Filtered button and press Reset.

Categorize similar data points into groups

Another unique feature to try is to group your data. When you press the Group button, you can select the criteria for grouping, like country, city, street, and others.

In this example, I chose country code as the main grouping factor. So, all the companies were categorized as per the country code.

I further grouped this data by street name. Within each country, companies were grouped by their street names.

The possibilities are virtually limitless with Gigasheet!

Generating Fake Company Data has Never Been Easier!

If you’re a developer or designer, you likely need fake data for every project. After all, testing and quality assurance are critical for success.

Now that we have shown you how to generate fake data using Gigasheet, you can say goodbye to your struggles to find or create a fake database. This free tool takes just a few seconds to create a full-fledged database based on your instructions.

All you need to get started is an Excel sheet and a Gigasheet account.

Try it today!

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