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May 21, 2024

Top 10 Ways to Find Free Datasets for Analysis

Have you ever hit a wall trying to find the right data for your analysis project? You're not alone. Finding data can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Whether you are a researcher, student, or data analysis enthusiast, this can be challenging. 

However, the Internet has made accessing a wealth of information through free datasets easier. You can now access data from various domains to gain invaluable insights. In this article, we guide you through the best online platforms and repositories where you can find high-quality datasets for free. 

Free Datasets for Analysis

There are many online resources that you can use to find free datasets for analysis. When downloading datasets, use reliable sources and trustworthy websites for security and data privacy. Some platforms you can use to find free datasets for download include- 

1. Sample Data From Gigasheet

Visit Gigasheet Sample Data Repository

Gigasheet offers diverse sample datasets that you can use for free. These free CSV datasets cover various topics, from the most famous names to top-selling gaming systems and data on Nobel laureates. 

You can use these datasets to try out Gigasheet's functionalities and tools. After creating a free account, you can download these datasets as CSV files or start analyzing the data directly on Gigasheet's web application. 

Gigasheet offers free datasets for analysis

2. Kaggle 

Visit Kaggle 

Kaggle is a community for data scientists that allows members to find, publish, and download datasets. It is a vast repository of datasets that cover various domains, including healthcare and finance. 

3. Tableau

Visit Tableau 

Tableau provides datasets from multiple sources which you can download and use. It contains data on health, social impact topics, climate and environment, and government datasets. You can explore these datasets and perform data analysis on them. 

4. Google Dataset Search

Visit Google Dataset Search 

Google Dataset Search is the biggest online search engine specifically for datasets. You can search and find data relevant to your topic. This tool makes searching for publicly available datasets published by reputed organizations readily available. 

5. FiveThirtyEight

Visit FiveThirtyEight

FiveThirtyEight was originally a data journalism website with a generous repository of interesting datasets. You can try creating unique data visualizations with these datasets that cover areas such as politics, sports, science, and economics and are designed with a journalistic intent. 

6. Quandl

Visit Quandl

Quandl is a unique repository for free NLP datasets for a variety of projects, especially in the fields of economics and finance. It offers a vast array of free and premium datasets covering areas like real estate, economic indicators, and financial markets. Quandl's user-friendly platform allows easy data access and download in multiple formats.  


Visit is your go-to resource for free CSV datasets, offering an expansive collection from environmental insights to healthcare information. This platform, boasting over 292,963 datasets, is a hub for data released by various government entities, facilitating public access to open data. The datasets from this repository can be used in diverse and unique fields such as geospatial analysis and economic trend monitoring. 

8. Harvard Dataverse 

Visit Harvard Dataverse

Harvard Dataverse, managed by the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, is an inclusive online repository that welcomes researchers from all disciplines, both within and outside Harvard. It's a perfect place to find a free dataset for a wide range of research needs. This repository is rich with over 75,000 datasets spanning more than 2,000 databases. 

9. Global Health Observatory Data Repository 

Visit Global Health Observatory Data Repository

If you are looking for free datasets for projects, explore the Global Health Observatory Data Repository managed by the World Health Organisation. It's your go-to resource for healthcare datasets that are free to download, as it offers a wealth of health-related statistics across more than 1,000 indicators. This resource spans a comprehensive array of global health topics, from universal health coverage and health emergencies to well-being metrics.

10. Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection 

Visit Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection 

For free datasets for students, the Stanford Large Network Dataset is an exceptional resource. This comprehensive repository includes a diverse range of real-world datasets, from social and communication networks to detailed web graphs and citation networks. It's an invaluable resource if you are eager to explore various research domains, as it offers extensive data to enrich academic projects and research endeavors with depth and real-world applicability.

How to Analyze Datasets Using Gigasheet  

Gigasheet is by far the most convenient resource to find and download free datasets. You can even use the Gigasheet cloud spreadsheet tool to analyze your data right in your browser. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Gigasheet Account

Start by creating a free Gigasheet account and log in to access your dashboard. 

Step 2: Open a Dataset from the Repository

Now, head over to the Gigasheet data repository and click on a dataset. You’ll be taken to a new page, where you can see the dataset’s content in a spreadsheet format. 

Viewing a dataset from Gigasheet

To open your free CSV datasets from Gigasheet, simply click Open File in Gigasheet on the datasheet page. Then, on the sheet, make a copy for yourself. 

Viewing Free datasets for analysis from Gigasheet

Step 4: Make a Copy

Currently, the data is “view only,” so you can’t edit it or perform advanced analytics. But you can make its copy and analyze it in the Gigasheet web app. Simply click the View Only icon and select the Make a Copy option.

Saving the free data to your account

Now, you’ll see a pop-up, as shown below. Click the Open it now? button to open your copy of the dataset in a new tab.

You now have a free dataset for analysis

Step 5: Analyze and Visualize 

Gigasheet offers several functions that allow you to perform complex analysis. For statistical analysis, you can use the Group function and also create Pivot Tables to gain insights from your data set. 

Gigasheet also gives you an AI data analysis solution in the form of the sheet assistant, into which you can simply type in what you want to analyze. 

Analyzing data in Gigasheet

Data analysis is incomplete without visualizing your findings. Gigasheet makes creating charts easy, and you can simply select the area on your spreadsheet you want to visualize and click Chart Data. You can then customize all the attributes of your chart and download it.

Step 5: Share your Findings 

Gigasheet allows you to share your findings with team members in real time. You can either Download your findings by navigating to File > Download > Export CSV or invite your teammates to collaborate with you by clicking File > Share and then typing in their email. 

Final Thoughts on Free Datasets for Analysis

Gigasheet is a big data spreadsheet that allows you to intuitively analyze datasets without complex formulas. It helps you perform both descriptive and inferential statistical analyses using simple functions. Gigasheet's innovative platform enables you to use the AI sheet assistant when you feel stuck in your analysis, while the Enrichment feature helps you add more context to your data. 

Create an account and try Gigasheet for free today!

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