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Jan 19, 2024

5 Best AI Excel Formula Generators To Try Out

Unless you possess Jedi-level Excel skills, chances are you’ve explored forums or reached out to Excel experts in your network for Excel formulas.

But now, there’s no need to do any of that.

An AI excel formula generator lets you generate Excel formulas using text-based prompts.

However, with gazillions of AI Excel formula generators out there, which one should you choose?

This guide deep dives into the five best AI excel formula generators on the internet.

Let’s dive in.

5 best AI Excel formula generator tools

In this guide, we’ve rounded up some of the most efficient AI Excel formula generator tools in the market, and used them to create formulas for different sample data sets. 

Here's what we found:

1. ChatGPT - Free

ChatGPT as excel formula ai generator

ChatGPT revolutionized the way we think about artificial intelligence. 

You can use ChatGPT to cook up Excel formulas in mere seconds. 

To provide you a practical demonstration, we used a Shopify sales dataset that comprises sales data for November and December 2022.

Results of ChatGPT as ai excel formula generator

We asked ChatGPT to generate an Excel formula to get the sales value for each product by multiplying price with units sold. 

ChatGPT prompt

And this is the formula it came up with.

ChatGPT response

ChatGPT also gave us a foolproof alternative to avoid mistakes in the data due to missing values.

A more complicated response using ChatGPT as a excel fromula ai generator

We tested it out in our Excel sheet and these were the results:

Using ChatGPT as an ai excel formula generator


  • Unlimited free formula generations with GPT-3.5
  • Provides explanation for formula
  • Can reverse-engineer existing formulas and explain how they work


  • Needs detailed context awareness which can be time consuming
  • Account sign up required 

2. Formulabot - Freemium

Formulabot as an excel ai formula generator

Formulabot is another AI-powered tool that generates Excel formulas for free.

We asked it to create a formula for our Top 1,000 Instagram Influencers of 2022 dataset to get their first names from a column containing their full names.

using Formulabot to generate formulas

We gave Formulabot this input:

prompting Formulabot

The first formula it generated did not account for the possibility that the source cell might not have a last name, i.e., it couldn’t extract the first word from a cell containing only one word.

Formulabot response

It took a few iterations to get the formula working right, but we got there in the end.

Results using Formulabot as an ai excel formula generator

Here’s what our Excel sheet looked like after applying the formula:

Formulabot as an excel formula ai generator


  • 5 free Excel formula generations or explanations per month
  • Chatbot support
  • Smooth user interface


  • Occasional failure in understanding spoken language
  • Account sign up required

3. mysheetAI - Freemium

Unlike the other tools on this list, as a pre-free trial offering, mysheetAI lets you generate up to 3 Excel formulas without signing up. 

We used the Shopify sales data again, and asked it to generate a formula to calculate the December sales value for each listing. 

Here’s the prompt:

mysheetAI as a excel formula ai generator

It provided a detailed explanation alongside the formula.

results from mysheetAI

Here’s the output:

Using mysheetAI as an excel ai formula generator


  • No need to sign up for first 3 formula generations
  • 5 free formulas per month per free account
  • Automatic data analysis with Sheets add-on


  • User reviews mention buggy interface

4. Sheeter - Paid

Sheeter can generate formulas for a fee generates formulas meeting specific user conditions and also helps in creating new sheets. It works similarly to the other Excel formula generators listed here. 

You type in a command containing details about the column, cell, or row you want to manipulate and the tool matches it with its catalog of Excel formulas and customizes it for you.

Sheeter ai excel formula generator

It doesn’t have a free trial, but it does offer a basic plan for $1.99 and a premium plan for $6.99.

subscription options for Sheeter


  • Low monthly cost for unlimited formula generation
  • Add-on available


  • No free plan

5. Excel Formulator - Freemium

Excel formulator as an excel ai formula generator

The tips section on the Excel Formulator page recommends keeping prompts as specific as possible. 

So for example, where you may be able to use natural language and general terms in ChatGPT, more precise wording is required in Excel Formulator.

prompting Excel Formulator

We wrote a concise command to avoid a repeat of the Formulabot error, but the first-time results of Excel Formulator were almost identical with the previous ones.

Results of Excel AI formula generator in Excel Formulator

We added an extra line to drive in our requirement.

excel formula ai generator results

And this time the formula worked perfectly.

Excel Formulator doing what it suggests


  • 7 free formula generations per month
  • Formula explainer to analyze existing formulas


  • Prompts need to be specific to work
  • Account sign up required

Gigasheet eliminates the need for an AI Excel formula generator!

With Gigasheet's AI Assistant, you never have to deal with a formula again. 

Because not only does the Sheet Assistant understand and analyze natural language prompts, it also implements them directly in your sheet. 

So, not just unlimited Excel formula generations, but also their automatic execution without any code

Sort of like a self-operating spreadsheet that does as you say. 

And who doesn't want that?

Let's see how it works. 

Step 1: Upload the data set to your Gigasheet account.

Upload file to Gigasheet

Gigasheet can handle files containing up to 1 billion rows.

The Shopify one we're using for basic sales analysis has 85K rows, so we can go right ahead.

Step 2: Launch your spreadsheet and use Gigasheet's AI Assistant

Now, if you really, really wanted to, you could add your own formula here by clicking on the formula button.

Writing formulas in Gigasheet

Or click on the plus sign to create a new column with the formula applied.

Formulas function on columns of big data

But there's a third option. Sit back and relax while the Sheet Assistant takes care of it for you. 

Head over to the Sheet Assistant window to your right, and explain your query. 


Instead just ask sheet assistant for results

Gigasheet’s AI Assistant not only generated a formula like the tools listed above, but also created a new column for November sales data with the formula applied.

Results are added in blue

And also explained the steps it followed to arrive at the final outcome to enable us to review and edit the formula. 

The steps taken are clearly explained by Sheet Assistant

When we asked it to calculate December sales value, we didn’t even have to specify which columns were to be referred to. 


Results of excel formula ai generator in Gigasheet

It intuitively created the formula and executed it. 

Sheet Assistant adding data to Gigasheet

Gigasheet’s AI assistant opens a world full of possibilities. Whether you want to apply advanced filters or perform very complex calculations, you’re just a text-prompt away.

But don’t take our word for it.

Take Gigasheet out for a free test ride today. Sign up here.

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

No Code
No Database
No Training
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