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Aug 17, 2022

Customer Story: Transharpe

In the transportation InsurTech aka "TranSurTech" world, the old joke is that change happens “at the speed of insurance,” which is to say very slow. Transharpe was founded to make that change a reality. After searching for a vehicle and driver management system and finding nothing, Transharpe decided to build it themselves. The goal is a single platform, called FleetVIMS, used by all transportation insurance supply chain stakeholders to increase efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

While transporting goods from point A to point B may seem straightforward, the number of parties involved from an insurance perspective is surprising. In addition to the truck and driver, there  are the companies who operate the trucks (motor carriers), who arrange transportation (brokers) and who advertise freight services (freight forwarders). All these entities need insurance and work directly with an insurance agent, who may represent a wholesale insurance agent, who buys from an insurance company. Lastly, the banks that finance the trucks  require insurance coverage until the liens are paid off. The end goal of  FleetVIMS will  provide all stakeholders with access to a single source of verified insurance data.

Andy Sharpe founded Transharpe leveraging his 20 years of experience as an insurance agent and business database development. Andy utilized Gigasheet in the development of FleetVIMS to help analyze data for the platform and write business requirements. “Using Gigasheet is as easy as opening a spreadsheet. I can open files with millions of rows and see what is relevant to my business. This ‘simplification’ of the data, being able to see just what I am interested in, has really helped with requirements gathering and debugging during development.”

"Using Gigasheet is as easy as opening a spreadsheet. I can open files with millions of rows and see what is relevant to my business"

Andy Sharpe
President & Founder

The functionality of Gigasheet allows Andy to load 6.9M rows of data from the Department of Transportation and instantly search the data for items of interest. The functionality of hiding, deleting, and rearranging columns, means the data can be reduced to only  what is relevant for FleetVIMS. Andy utilized the groups data feature, which acts like a pivot table, to drill down to the values of interest. This streamlined process allows the Transharpe team to easily communicate with developers.

Supporting the sales and marketing functionality at Transharpe, Gigasheet provides the ability to quickly generate sample file extracts for prospects who require relevant data to their use case. Due to the nature of the wide variety of clients supported by FleetVIMS, this would be a time-consuming task. The Transharpe team utilizes Gigasheet to filter down to just the relevant data, and then uses the export functionality to convert the selected data into a CSV format, which is easily viewed by prospective clients.

Gigasheet is proud to help Transharpe develop and sell the FleetVIMS platform, which is disrupting the transportation insurance industry.

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