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Aug 22, 2023

Customer Story: Tamr

At Tamr, data mastery isn't just a goal; it's a continuous journey of refinement and optimization. As a forward-thinking company at the cutting edge of innovations in data mastering, Tamr constantly seeks solutions to improve its data preparation processes. Gigasheet has become a key partner in this endeavor. It's all based on the simple idea of a big data spreadsheet that allows business users and analysts to take control of data preparation without heavy reliance on data engineering teams.

"Gigasheet's partnership has been transformative for data prep at Tamr. The spreadsheet-first approach makes it easy to work across teams, and it's helping us in unlocking data's true potential." - Andy Palmer, Tamr CEO & Co-founder

Smooth Onboarding with Unmatched Value

Tamr's experience with Gigasheet began with a seamless onboarding process that set the tone for their entire data preparation journey. Unlike traditional data prep tools that often require complex enterprise sales models and lengthy deployments, Gigasheet boasts a first-run experience that is truly best-in-class. With Gigasheet, Tamr's teams encountered significantly lower friction when starting and deriving value, enabling them to swiftly transition from setup to meaningful insights.

Spreadsheet as the Epicenter

One of the standout features that attracted Tamr to Gigasheet is its spreadsheet-first orientation. While other solutions tend to prioritize aggregate profiling and metrics, Gigasheet places the 'table view' at the heart of its functionality. This focus on real-time, iterative data interactions resonated deeply with Tamr's teams, as they could work collaboratively and iteratively, enhancing efficiency and fostering a more intuitive approach to data preparation.

Empowering with 'One-Click' Solutions

Gigasheet streamlined the way Tamr's data teams approach common data challenges. In contrast to other tools, Gigasheet enables users to perform common cleanup activities with just a few clicks. The operations within Gigasheet are highly performant, allowing for complex operations to be executed with ease and speed – and at gigabyte scale. This not only sped Tamr's data preparation workflows but also blurred the lines between complexity and simplicity, making even intricate tasks more accessible to the team.

Complementing Data Teams for Broader Impact

As data solutions become more sophisticated, there's often a gap that leaves part-time analysts, and data citizens underserved. Gigasheet, however, positioned itself as a vital complement to other data prep tools. By embracing Gigasheet's capabilities, Tamr empowered its teams to contribute to data management and analysis endeavors on an ad hoc basis. This shift reduced the strain on development of custom solutions, eliminated the need for extensive training and support.

In summary, Gigasheet's partnership with Tamr highlights the power of an approach that bridges the gap between complex data solutions and the needs of business analysts. With a focus on ease of use, spreadsheet-first orientation, and intuitive operations, Gigasheet has proven itself as a transformative tool in Tamr's business. As data transformation continues to evolve, Gigasheet remains an essential ally in Tamr's pursuit of data excellence.

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