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Jul 20, 2022

Customer Story: RevenueBase

RevenueBase allows companies to reach their ideal customers by delivering and maintaining an account and contact database that is unique to each client’s target market. By creating this innovative “revenue database as a service” model, RevenueBase acts as a single data vendor, responsible for the accuracy of all data points and insights in the client’s CRM. With access to over 100 million companies and 700 million contacts, RevenueBase has the input to meet their client’s needs.

Backed by big data, RevenueBase is always on the lookout for tools to help with data operations. The team had quickly discovered the Google Sheets cell limit when uploading large files into the application. With Sheets maxed out, they turned to Gigasheet, a big data spreadsheet, that can open billion row files for previewing, sorting, filtering, and aggregation. Mark Feldman, CEO and Co-Founder of RevenueBase, said, “We are in the business of creating and maintaining unique data sets for our clients, and often need to instantly view or manipulate a file without taking up valuable engineering time. Gigasheet makes that possible in a simple and seamless way. It looks like a spreadsheet, but it is deceptively powerful under the hood.”

"It looks like a spreadsheet, but it is deceptively powerful under the hood.”

Mark Feldman
CEO and Co-Founder

Gigasheet was founded on this very principle: that users with incredibly large files want to explore them in a way that does not require an engineering effort. Producing the kind of data sets like Mark’s should not require coding, or complex installation, or hours spent learning a tool. Ideally, it would be as easy as using a spreadsheet, with an interface intuitive enough to understand without vendor education sessions.

RevenueBase tracks changes in the market to deliver an up-to-date revenue database for their clients. As updated data is acquired, it is often previewed before loading into RevenueBase’s proprietary database. Gigasheet can quickly open incoming datasets, providing a quick view into the file’s contents and relevancy. Gigasheet’s file parser can automatically process a variety of file types, including JSON, and present it in grid format, making opening and analyzing files easy.

CRM updates can be pushed in real time, but often RevenueBase’s clients will want to control the timing of data loads into their CRM. Since Gigasheet appears as familiar as a web-based spreadsheet, one way RevenueBase can allow clients to preview changes is using Gigasheet. Even the largest update files can be quickly previewed and split into batches for clients that have specific requirements around database updates.

This use case, slicing various parts from a giant file, is one where Gigasheet excels. In fact, taking a 100 million row file and choosing the relevant 25,000 rows is one we see customers frequently performing. Easy no-code filtering makes it easy to choose the lines to be included, and the export-to-CSV function available in Gigasheet Premium allows Mark to create a file with only those lines he needs.

RevenueBase has a global team assisting B2B organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to seed-funded startups. Gigasheet is glad to help RevenueBase meet their clients’ needs through the revenue database as a service.

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