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Aug 4, 2022

Customer Story: Atmos Jobs

AtmosJobs is a community-run jobs platform developed by SaaS professionals, for SaaS professionals. By focusing solely on jobs related to the Cloud, AtmosJobs can deliver a personalized user experience to job seekers and companies alike. With over 30+ years of recruitment experience, AtmosJobs can help their clients source the best talent for SaaS roles in today’s competitive marketplace.

The Atmos jobs platform contains listings of all SaaS related jobs and refreshes from proprietary data sources. Working with so much data, the team requires a variety of tools to make it all work. When it comes to quick analysis of a data file, CTO Brandon Dixon turns to Gigasheet. “I am impressed with the speed from data to insight when using Gigasheet. Gigasheet can handle huge files, but what stands out to me is how easy it is to manipulate data and complete analysis that I do on a regular basis. Everyone thinks of large datasets with ‘Big Data,’ but fundamentally it is about answering questions.”

"I am impressed with the speed from data to insight when using Gigasheet."

Brandon Dixon

Chief Technical Officer

AtmosJobs regularly receives market data and develops reports on the local SaaS job market monthly. Typically these data files exceed the Google Sheets limits and Excel's max rows, so a database is required. When analyzing a local market, AtmosJobs needs to answer questions like: What is the average number of postings in the area? How many unique companies drive the job distribution? How many jobs are duplicates of jobs in another location?

To answer these questions, Brandon first needs to uniquely identify each job listing. In Gigasheet, several built-in functions of the tool can be used together to create a key. Explode Date is used to separate out all the components of date fields, which can come in a variety of formats depending on the data source. Then Combine Columns is used to combine the date with the job title and location to create a unique data key.

Once each job has a unique key, the job listings can be grouped and aggregated to gain insights for the job market. Gigasheet makes pivot table functionality available with the click of a button. Data can be grouped by multiple fields, easily digging deeper into the data, and delivering answers. What once required custom coding and trial and error, is now visually accomplished with Gigasheet.

By focusing on SaaS jobs and analyzing each market, AtmosJobs can deliver the best sourcing leads to their clients. If you are interested in Cloud related jobs, you can find them at AtmosJobs.

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