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  1. First create an account, then simply upload your Variant Call Format (VCF) file. You can browse for the VCF file from your local machine, or connect to popular cloud storage services like Google Drive, AWS S3, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. If you have multiple variant data files you can zip and upload the group. Gigasheet will automatically decompress your zip, extract the contents of VCF and make it available for easy browsing online.
  2. Once your .vcf file has uploaded (and unzipped if necessary), you'll see Gigasheet process and parse the file. For exceptionally large files you may see a loading bar while the genetic variation data extraction completes. Gigasheet can support large VCF files - up to 250GB, and 1 billion rows in a single spreadsheet!
  3. After the file is extracted and the genetic variation is data parsed, you'll see your file appear in your Library. You'll also see the resulting number of rows and columns extracted from the VCF file. Simple click the name of the file to browse it in a tabular spreadsheet.
  4. Once your variant call format file is open for viewing in Gigasheet you can page through the rows of results. You can also use Filters to build complex search queries, use Groups to perform segmentation or analysis, and even use built-in data cleanup tools to find duplicates or missing values.
  5. If you'd like you can convert the VCF file to CSV for download. Simply click File > Export when viewing a table. Once the export is complete, click on the newly created zipped CSV file will appear in your Library. Simply click the export to download the converted file to your local machine.

Gigasheet is the simplest way to view, open, and extract VCF files without code or command line tools!

Open & View .vcf Files

Genetic variation files can be difficult to view in your browser or typical spreadsheets due to their size. Gigasheet makes viewing VCF files online simple. Best of all, it's free to get started.

Data Analysis Tools

Gigasheet includes numerous handy tools to quickly analyze genetic data. Filters make search simple. Groups and Aggregations allow for quick inspection.

No Download Needed

Huge VCF files can be viewed online right in your browser and exported with Gigasheet. No specialized installs or downloads needed. Get started with your VCF data today.

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