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Cost-Effective Data Management: By connecting directly to MySQL and manipulating data in-place, Gigasheet reduces the need for additional data storage or complex data pipelines. This results in significant cost savings and simplifies the data architecture.

Enhanced Data Integrity: With Gigasheet, your database isn't directly manipulated by users.

Immediate Usability: Jump straight into data analysis with minimal setup. Gigasheet’s plug-and-play integration with MySQL makes it easy to connect and start analyzing without the typical delays or complications involved in deploying traditional BI tools.

Gigasheet’s integration with MySQL revolutionizes how businesses manage and analyze their database information - far exceeding the limits of traditional spreadsheets like Excel and Google Sheets. By combining a familiar spreadsheet interface with powerful, direct access to MySQL databases, Gigasheet ensures that businesses of all sizes can maximize their data’s value without complicating their processes. Embrace this streamlined, secure, and efficient approach to database analytics and unlock new possibilities for data-driven decision-making.

Learn more about Gigasheet's out-of-the-box capabilities:

Have CSV exports from MySQL? Easily analyze analyze huge CSVs

Got large JSON dumps from no-SQL databases? Gigasheet converts JSON to tabular CSV on the fly

Share & Collaborate

Gigasheet allows users to collaborate on big data like never before. Share within your organization or with outside consultants. Can you can even embed your sheet on your website or portal.

Enterprise Security

Your spreadsheet is safely stored in the cloud, fortified by encryption and SOC 2 Type 2 controls. We never sell or share your data with third-parties.

Unparalleled Big Data Capabilities

Where most spreadsheet applications falter, Gigasheet shines. With its capability to handle one billion rows of data and file up to 250 GB, it covers all of your big data needs.

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