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Gigasheet is the big data excel alternative
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  1. Begin by logging into your free Gigasheet account. Click on +New > File Upload and browse to select your file. You can import various file types, including XLSX, CSV, LOG, JSON, TSV or PCAP. You can upload files from your device or import datasets from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or AWS S3. If you have multiple large files, Zip them before uploading; Gigasheet will unzip them for you!
  2. Now your file will be available in Gigasheet Library. Click the file name to open it in the new browser tab. Clean up your dataset with Gigasheet’s robust cleanup tools. Use Find and Replace for precision edits, Remove Duplicates for streamlining and Change Case for better formatting. 
  3. Once your data is cleaned up, the next step is to employ Gigasheet’s powerful analytics features. Use If Then and Filter functions to define criteria to filter relevant data. Use Formulas to perform calculations on columns. Organize your spreadsheet with the Group feature. Create data clusters or pivot tables to uncover patterns and draw insights.
  4. Gigasheet’s unique AI-powered Sheet Assistant is always by your side. Type your query to get specific insights without the hassle of getting intricate syntax right. 
  5. Share your file with your team with Gigasheet’s collaborative capabilities. Go to Share and change the access settings or invite collaborators by email. To conclude and download your findings, head over to File > Export.
  6. Publish your results: head to File > Publish to Web, or select File > URL for BI & Spreadsheets to push the data to your favorite dashboard.

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Unparalleled Big Data Capabilities

Where most spreadsheet applications falter, Gigasheet shines. With its capability to handle one billion rows of data and file up to 250 GB, it covers all of your big data needs.

Hassle-Free User Experience

Gigasheet blends natural language processing with a seamless web-based interface. Pose queries in plain English to perform complex analytics, all without software downloads or complicated formulas.

Secure Cloud

Your spreadsheet is safely stored in the cloud, fortified by encryption and SOC 2 Type 2 controls. We never sell or share your data with third-parties.

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