Merge CSV Files

Quickly and easily combine CSV files into a single file for free! Merge multiple files with one click.
Multiple File Types: Support for CSV, XLS, JSON and more.
Tons of Files: Combine up to 100 files at a time.
Zip to Save Time: Upload a zip of all your files to save time. Gigasheet will automatically decompress them.
Upload Your Files Now
Files selected to be combined within the Gigasheet Library.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Sign up! Free forever with Gigasheet.
  2. Upload your CSV files. Zip multiple CSVs to save time.
  3. Select CSV files to merge, hit Combine, and name your new file. It’s that easy! Gigasheet will automatically ignore headers when merging files.
Share your results with friends, or download files to your computer.
Gigasheet CSV Merging Detailed Instructions

First create a free account, then simply upload your CSV files to combine by clicking +New > File Upload > Browse to select files from your machine. You can zip your file to save time uploading. Don't want to download your files? No problem. Click the Link option in the lower part of the upload box and provide publicly accessible URL to your CSV files or to a zip of CSVs.

Next your CSV files will automatically upload (and unzip if necessary). For exceptionally large files you'll see a loading bar while the file parses.

Use the blue check boxes to select your CSV files to combine. Once 2+ files are selected, hit Combine and a box will appear asking to name your new file containing the combined data. Once a name is provided, click Save and your files will be combined. It's that easy!

Combine files requires that the files have the same number and types of columns. Header rows will automatically be detected as part of the combine process and removed from the data.

Once complete, click on the newly created file in your Library to view the CSV file online. The viewer will open a spreadsheet in a new browser tab for viewing. Here you can filter, search, or create pivot tables with your CSV.

Merge Data into Single File

CSV files store data and are useful for moving data between systems. CSV files are often broken up by date or source, requiring merging files to analyze the full data set.

Combine 100s of CSV Files

Upload individual CSV files, or zip files full of CSV files. Gigasheet makes it easy to select and combine thousands of CSV files with the click of a button.

Automatically Handles Headers

Some CSV files have headers and others do not. Gigasheet detects the presence of header rows and combines files into a single usable file.

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