Collaborate on Big Data

Gigasheet makes it easy to work on the same data together in a secure environment.
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A Workspace Built for
Big Data Collaboration

Team Collaboration on Full Data Sets

Collaborate on complete data, not just samples. Provide your team with full visibility to drive your business forward.

Establish One Truth Across Your Team

Streamline your data management by centralizing information, ensuring that every team member accesses the same, up-to-date data.

Simplify Sharing for Massive Datasets

Facilitate smooth, secure data sharing across your organization and beyond, without technical complexities.

Enhance Teamwork,
Collaborate Seamlessly

Collage of Gigasheet's Sheet History, Workspaces and Comment functionality

Shared Workspace

Team accounts support a shared workspace allowing an organization to more easily collaborate. Only available with a Business Plan.

Sheet History

Sheet history is an overview of the changes made to a sheet over time. Accessible via the File menu sheet history provides insight into what team member made which changes, and when. Only available with a Business Plan.

Live URL for BI & Spreadsheets

Easily feed data to outside tools with Gigasheet's Live URL for BI & Spreadsheets. Data automatically refreshes for continuous updates, reflecting a live view. All it takes is just one-click to enable the live URL functionality. Learn more by reading our support documentation.

Shared Files

Allow your team or public access to your data! Gigasheet empowers users to share the sheets with who they want and how they want, no restrictions.


Comments in Gigasheet serve as a valuable feature that allows users to add explanatory notes or annotations to cells, formulas, or entire worksheets.

Publish to Web

Gigasheet's Publish to Web feature empowers users to embed a sheet so it can be viewed on a external platform. Any changes made to the original file are immediately reflected in the embedded view, without the need to update the link or embed code.

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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No Database
No Training
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