Gigasheet Automation

Save time automating repetitive data tasks at scale with Gigasheet Premium + Automation.
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Automate complex workflows and more

The Automation add-on streamlines your workflow, offering integrated hassle-free solutions. We manage setup and configuration, ensuring flawless operation and integration with almost any online service, enhancing productivity and optimizing business processes efficiently.

Data Preparation & Cleansing: automatically perform hygiene tasks, filtering, deduplication, third-party enrichment/verification and more.
Scheduled Import/Export: Push or pull data from Gigasheet on a schedule or based on trigger events.
Big Data: Scale to billions of cells per sheet.

Integrate with existing iPaaS solutions

If you already leverage integration platforms like Zapier, Make, Pably, or Pipedream, you'll be pleased to know that Gigasheet Automation will integrate seamlessly. Don't use iPaaS? No problem. It's totally optional.

Leverage popular no-code automation pipelines to integrate Gigasheet with thousands of apps.
Schedule and deliver data to desired applications for consumption.
Gigasheet's interface allows for data quality checks at scale.
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The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

No Code
No Database
No Training
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