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Save time automating repetitive data tasks at scale with Gigasheet. Leverage our API or let us configure and manage your workflows.
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Spreadsheet Simplicity,
Big Data Brilliance

Save hours every week

Automate repetitive tasks and unleash your time for high-impact work. Sign up and receive 25 monthly API requests to test it out, or contact us and we'll configure and manage your workflow for you.

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Eliminate Errors

Eliminate errors: Say goodbye to manual data entry mistakes and inconsistencies. Push or pull data on your terms, with automatic imports and exports.

Database & App Superpowers

Connect Gigasheet to your entire tech ecosystem. Leverage popular automation tools such as Zapier to integrate with thousands of apps.

No Coding Necessary

We handle the setup and configuration, so you can start automating instantly.

Connectivity Beyond,
Integrating with Your Work

Illustration of available connectors in Gigasheet, including Hubspot, Salesforce, MySQL, Postgres, Snowflake, OneDrive, Box, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Amazon AWS,

Data Reporting & Enrichment

Automatically load data from your CRM into a spreadsheet for easy inspection and reporting using the intuitive interface. Enrich lead data from third party sources.

Data Preparation & Cleaning

Schedule data transformations to create import files for other systems: remove duplicates, hide columns, and run formulas.

Automated Change Reporting

Automatically snapshot data daily, weekly, or monthly, and summarize changes. Track what changed, and when for historical look back and forward-looking forecasts.

Live URL Magic
One-Click Away

Easily feed data to outside sources with Gigasheet's Live URL for BI & Spreadsheets.

Data automatically refreshes for continuous updates, reflecting a live view. All it takes is just one-click to enable the live URL functionality. Learn more by reading our support documentation.

Gigasheet's Live URl for BI and Spreadsheets connects with: Excel, Google Sheets, Looker, Microsoft PowerBI, Domo and Tableau

Turbocharge Productivity
with Data Magic

Closeup of Filter modal within Gigasheet UI

Automate Your Daily Grind

Repetitive tasks become effortless! Every data transformation possible in Gigasheet is available to be automated using the API and Zapier.
Closeup of Connector Scheduling  within Gigasheet UI

Data on Steroids

Enrich your data with automatic transformations and integrations. Imports & exports on autopilot: Schedule data movement on your terms - daily, hourly, or on triggers.
Closeup of Share invite message within Gigasheet UI

Get Everyone Involved!

Enable business users to help with data preparation before running data pipelines or to inspect data quality throughout its lifecycle.

Under Construction

Full Team Ahead

Team collaboration on big data can be difficult, and that's why at Gigasheet we're focusing on ways to break down those barriers by bringing you more collaboration focused features.

Connecting Your Data

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More Automations

Working with big data shouldn't take up your whole day, that's why we're working on ways to speed up your workflow.

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a data warehouse.

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