Explore big data. No database needed.

Upload any huge data file, or import from popular cloud apps in a few clicks. Gigasheet automatically displays your data in an easy-to-use, big data spreadsheet for quick visualization and analysis.
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Gigasheet loves all your data, from big to small and simple to complex.

Pushing Past the Limit: Gigasheet succeeds where Excel and Google Sheet cannot with support for a billion rows in a single sheet
Simple to Complex: Gigasheet has got you covered with support for simple CSV to complex JSON files
Leverage the Power: Powerful tools like Cross File VLookup allow you to join data across multiple sheets

Load data directly from the most popular cloud storage and Saas platforms.

Of course, you can load a file directly from your device, but there is no need to download and upload to get data into Gigasheet. Simply link your cloud drive account and select the files to import!

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Gigasheet UI allows for users to easily connect to Google Drive,Box, DropBox, and OneDrive to import files.
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Connect with enterprise data platforms and automate imports

The modern SaaS world requires connectivity to the most popular tools you use daily. Enterprise users can connect to 150+ applications, from data lakes to CRMs and project management.
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The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a database, at cloud scale.

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