Effortlessly Analyze Big Data from Files, Warehouses, and CRMs

Discover the power of Gigasheet's intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface to effortlessly analyze and visualize data from any source, including flat files, data warehouses, and CRMs.
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Spreadsheet Functions at Scale

Rethinking the Standard

Gigasheet's user-friendly, highly scalable spreadsheet interface streamlines data tasks, enabling business teams to work with entire datasets seamlessly. Our self-service analytics liberate IT and data teams from the tedious, repetitive work of extracting various data slices for end users, allowing them to focus on strategic projects that drive your business forward.

Compatibility Made Easy

Effortlessly connect and analyze data from your CRMs and data warehouses. With Gigasheet Enterprise, IT and data teams can centrally manage analytics on platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, Databricks, Snowflake, Redshift and data lakes.

Data Integration from Any Source

Unify Data Seamlessly

Gigasheet streamlines data management by effortlessly merging multiple data sources into a unified file; allowing you to combine reports spanning months, quarters, or years with just a few clicks. Data can be easily merged or correlated between two sheets with it's powerful Cross File VLookup functionality.

Frame of Combine tool within Gigasheet UI

Elevate Data Depth

Unlock deeper insights using Gigasheet enrichments. Access data from trusted providers such as ChatGPT, RevenueBase, Apollo, Hunter, People Data Labs, and more to enrich your datasets.

Optionally, users can leverage our no-code custom enrichment to fetch data from any data with the provider with an API.

Frame of Enrichments modal within Gigasheet UI

Transform Data in a Few Clicks

Collage of Gigasheet's Group, Remove Duplicates, and Sheet Assistant functionality

Effortless Data Cleanup

Swiftly eliminate unwanted data through our tools for Data Cleanup ensure your sheet is thoroughly prepared for in-depth analysis, offering a seamless transition from tidying up to insightful data examination!

Quick Analysis

Gigasheet's innovative design empowers you to navigate complex datasets independently, eliminating the need for engineering teams, additional databases, or data warehouses. Effortlessly analyze datasets of up to a billion rows using user-friendly filters, groups, and formula capabilities.

Still have questions? Just ask.

Our AI Sheet Assistant simplifies data analysis by providing meaningful insights with just a question. It not only explains the data analysis process, but also enables you to easily confirm the results, empowering you to enhance your analytical skills and gain confidence in the accuracy of your analysis.

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a data warehouse.

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