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Gigasheet UI highlighting powerful filter function that can sift through hundreds of thousands of rows of data.

Convert JSOn Files to CSV Online

Thousands of people use Gigasheet to analyze large JSON files in a spreadsheet-like interface. Gigasheet makes it easy to convert JSON to CSV. Simply sign up, upload your JSON file or import data directly from popular cloud stores like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and AWS S3. Gigasheet is a big data spreadsheet where you can view, filter, search JSON without any IT configuration or database. Best of all, our free Community account supports files up to 1gb. 

What is Gigasheet?

Gigasheet helps individuals and teams quickly analyze massive, varying data sets without lengthy setup and complicated configuration. On the surface, Gigasheet appears as a familiar web-based spreadsheet. But behind the scenes is a cloud-based, high performance Big Data analytics platform that supports billions of data points.

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Companies Using Gigasheet

The ease of a spreadsheet with the power of a data warehouse.

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